Timely Warnings

Incident Notification: information sought

Around 2 years ago

On Sunday, May 18, an individual reported an I-Phone stolen on campus property and that same phone was used later that evening to send threatening, harassing, bias behavior text messages to a student.  College personnel have spent the past 48 hours responding to those targeted and investigating initial leads in the hope of identifying the individual(s) involved.  At this point we are seeking the assistance of community members in resolving this incident.

If you were the individual who sent the text messages, please contact either the Dean of Students Office (x7526) or Campus Safety (x8888) to take responsibility for your actions.


If you have information about who sent the text messages or information that could lead to that individual, please contact Director of Campus Safety Carol Brewer (x8888) immediately. If you know something, say something. 


Gustavus Adolphus College aspires to be a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people. As such, and consistent with our core values and civic responsibilities, respect for each individual is central to how we conduct our work and build relationships within our community. Therefore, harassment, discrimination, and behavior which fails to respect the dignity of another are not compatible with this shared vision of our identity and mission as a liberal arts, residential, Lutheran college and will not be tolerated.  Any student(s) found engaging in these behaviors will be adjudicated through the conduct system.



  • Hate or bias-motivated behavior: Any act or expression directed against a person, group or their property that is motivated in whole or in part by a belief or perception regarding their real or perceived identities.
  • Bias incident: an expression of hostility, whether spoken, written, symbolic or other form, which is motivated by some form of prejudice based on the victim’s actual or perceived identity (i.e. sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, ability, religious affiliation, etc.). A bias incident is a violation of campus policy and will be investigated and adjudicated.
  • Hate crime: A criminal act that involves one (or more) of three specific crime groupings (assault, property damage and harassment/stalking), that is directed toward an individual or group that is (or perceived to be) a member of a protected class as defined by the Minnesota Human Rights Act and is motivated by an offender’s bias. A hate crime is a violation of campus policy and will be investigated and adjudicated.  All hate crimes are bias incidents, but not all bias incidents rise to the level of a hate crime.

For more information or to report a hate or bias motivated incident, please go to: https://gustavus.edu/deanofstudents/incident_report.php


Locking Doors

Around 2 years ago


Campus Safety responded to a report of an unknown individual in a student room during the early morning hours of 04/24/2014.  No one was injured and nothing was taken during the situation.  The individual was gone from the area when Campus Safety Officers arrived.  Although it is difficult to determine the intent of the person entering the room, it is a good time to review common safety practices to protect yourself and your property while you are asleep.

Some of those safety practices include:

*  Lock your door – even if you are only going out for a short time or going a short distance.  It only takes seconds to walk into your room and steal your valuables.
*  Always keep your door locked.  Pay particular attention to make sure it is locked when you are asleep.
*  Do not prop open locked exterior building doors.  These doors are locked for your protection and protection of other residents.
*  Never open exterior doors of the building for strangers or non-residents.  Always escort your guests to and from the main entrance doors.
*  Do not lend your keys to anyone – even a classmate or a friend. They may not be as careful with them and may misplace them, giving the wrong person access.
*  Do not leave your keys lying around in public places or in your jacket pocket when you are not wearing it.
*  Secure your valuable in a safe place within your room/apartment. Don’t leave them out in open places in case someone does get in.

Remember, always report suspicious activity or unknown individuals hanging around to Campus Safety by calling 8888.  Having an officer check on something is never a bad thing.

Stay Safe,

Carol Brewer
Director of Campus Safety
Gustavus Adolphus College
800 West College Avenue
St. Peter, MN  56082