Substance-Free Community 

(formerly 'CHOICE - Choosing Healthy Options: an Intentional Community Experience')

Substance-free housing applications are due March 4, 2020 in the Housing Portal as part of the Room Selection process. You can find more information here.

Those who commit to substance-free community living positively contribute to the environment within their community by supporting the mission of the substance-free community. Living in substance-free housing requires me to abstain from all substance use (alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances) within the immediate community and that I must follow all policies related to substance use elsewhere on campus.

Any violation of campus substance use policies may result in removal from substance-free housing.

The concept of a substance free community was generated by students’ request in the early 1990's. Prairie View Hall and Norelius sections 1A and 2A are comprised of residents that have chosen to live a life free from the immediate and residual effects of all types of smoke and tobacco products, alcohol and illegal drugs.

How do I live in a substance-free community?

Students can join by choosing to live in the Substance-Free housing communities, located in Norelius A Tower and Prairie View Hall. Incoming first-year students must indicate on their Housing Agreement/Application of their interest in residing in Substance-Free housing. Upperclassmen may complete an online application via the Housing Portal (see the Room Selection timeline for dates for 2020-2021 housing) and then select rooms during a special Room Selection just for Substance-Free housing (more info will be sent out after you apply)!