Choosing Healthy Options: an Intentional Community Experience

CHOICE housing applications are due early March in the Housing Portal as part of the Room Selection process. You can find more information here.

CHOICE is an exciting program here at Gustavus Adolphus College. CHOICE connects students who choose to live a substance-free lifestyle and offers them the chance to participate in fun activities. First year and upper class students can elect to reside in designated CHOICE housing in Norelius (first year) and Prairie View (Upper class).

Past events include:

  • Cookouts in the Linnaeus Arboretum
  • Bowling Tournaments at Bowlero Lanes
  • CHOICE Sponsored DIVE Nights
  • Christmas Caroling in St. Peter Area Nursing Homes
  • Campus Bonfires and MUCH MORE!

CHOICE is more than just a student organization – it is a community of friends.

Mission of CHOICE

CHOICE is a community of responsible individuals dedicated to maintaining and promoting healthy lifestyles and attitudes regarding substances through a living and learning environment that is friendly, open-minded and respectful. Individuals commit to making responsible and legal decisions regarding substances through a signed CHOICE contract. Program participants create and implement activities and programs for the enjoyment of the CHOICE students while intentionally inviting the entire campus community to participate as well as make healthy decisions.

Why is CHOICE important to Gustavus Adolphus College?

The concept of a substance free community was generated by students’ request in the early 1990's. Prairie View Hall and Norelius sections 1A and 2A are comprised of residents that have chosen to live a life free from the immediate and residual effects of all types of smoke and tobacco products, alcohol and illegal drugs. There are at-large members throughout the dorms on campus who choose to abstain from illegal and irresponsible use of substances. The CHOICE community is a supportive group that participates in fun activities on and off campus throughout the year.

Goals of CHOICE

  • To create a living and learning community environment free from the presence and residual effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • To plan and host programs and activities for CHOICE members that will allow for and enhance the development of strong interpersonal relationships, creating a CHOICE community.
  • To create, implement, and assess engaging programs and activities for the campus community as a way to provide interesting and exciting alternatives throughout the academic school year.

What is the structure of the CHOICE program?

Under the guidance of Residential Life and the CHOICE Program Advisor, CHOICE is run by a CHOICE Council, a group of members who are elected to plan, implement and oversee activities for members of the CHOICE Substance Free Lifestyle Program and for members of the larger campus community. Elections for the CHOICE Council are held each September.

How do I join CHOICE?

All students are invited to join the CHOICE Program, and there are two ways to join this exciting community.

  • Residential
    • Students can join by choosing to live in the CHOICE Housing, located in Norelius A Tower and Prairie View Hall. To live in CHOICE Housing, incoming first-year students must indicate on their Housing Agreement/Application of their interest in residing in CHOICE Housing. Upperclassmen may complete an online applicatoin via the Housing Portal (deadline - March 10, 2019) and then select rooms during a special Room Selectionjust for CHOICE (more info will be sent out after you apply)!
  • At Large
    • Second, students can join by choosing to live elsewhere on campus and becoming a CHOICE
      At-Large Member. To be members, all students must sign a Contract, which will serve as an honor code. Signed contracts can be turned into the Residential Life Office.
      • Contract A: At-large students who are under 21 years of age will sign Contract A, which specifies
        that those students will abstain from any substance use.
      • Contract B: At-large students who are 21 years of age will sign Contract B, which states that they
        pledge to live a legal and responsible lifestyle in regards to substances. The
        consumption of alcohol is allowed because the students are of legal age, but the contract
        serves as an honor code for the student to drink responsibly and safely.