Your second year

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Spring Break

March 28 to April 6

No classes are held during Spring Break.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Mar 28 to Apr 6 Spring Break Campus
May 21 Reading Day Campus
Sep 8 Fall Semester Begins Campus
Past events
Date Event
Feb 20 Registration Deadline Campus
Dec 13, 2014 Reading Day Campus
Oct 1821, 2014 Reading Day Campus
  1. Join a new student organization
  2. Explore study abroad opportunities
  3. Declare a major (consider a minor)
  4. Visit the Center of Servant Leadership to learn about internships and volunteer opportunities
  5. Ask a professor to join you (and friends) for Dinner-in-a-Box and attend a Sophomore Social
  6. Attend a new campus event this year
  7. Go star-gazing in the Arb
  8. Create your résumé
  9. Engage in healthy habits (sleep, food, movement)
  10. Build relationships, make connections and ask questions!

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