Looking for a roommate for 2016-2017?

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Looking for a roommate? As the housing process happens, we often have students who are looking for a roommate! A list will be updated regularly and will be sent out to all those who fill out the Google form that is linked below. Feel free to contact these students directly to chat and see if it will be a good roommate match for you! You can use Things to Think About in Selecting a Roommate to help guide your conversation.

Fill out the Roommate Matching Form! If you would like to be added to this list, fill out the quick Google form HERE.  If you find a roommate, please notify Residential Life so that your name & information can be removed. If you want to receive regular updates, sign up on the form and the list will get sent to you!

Attend a Roommate Matching Event! We will have a few roommate matching events. Nothing formal - just a chance for anyone who is searching for a roommate to get together in a common space and chat.

Times & Locations TBD