Committee Descriptions and Responsibilities

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of the Crossroads Program Coordinator, Program Assistant, the Co-Chairs from each of the five committees, the Faculty/Administrator in Residence for the Crossroads Program and the Assistant Director of Residential Life. The Executive Board works as a team to create the Crossroads Events Calendar, makes decisions about cosponsorship of non-Crossroads events, votes on the distribution of the Crossroads Program programming budget, and is responsible for the overall success of The Crossroads Program.

Program Coordinator

This person is in charge of organizing the Crossroads Program in a way that ensures its success. Duties include but are not limited to training Executive Board members, running Executive Board meetings, providing program goals, assessing past and future events and answering any questions that may arise from Crossroads members and the Executive Board.

Program Assistant

This person is responsible for recording and monitoring the annual budget and distributing funds for programs and events. In addition, this person manages committee lists, meeting and program attendance, organizes and archives committee meeting minutes and takes minutes of executive committee meetings. They also support and assist the Program Coordinator when necessary.

Cultural Celebrations Committee (CCC)

The Cultural Celebrations Committee (CCC) is responsible for researching ethnic, religious, cultural, and national holidays, customs, and traditions and planning appropriate celebrations for the College community, often in coordination with campus organizations and departments.

Global Awareness Committee (GAC)

The Global Awareness Committee (GAC) is responsible for researching present-day ethnic, religious, political, and cultural tensions and planning appropriate educational workshops or presentations for the College community, often drawing on faculty expertise.

Cultural Education Committee(CEC)

The Cultural Education Committee (CEC) are responsible for facilitating dialogue that promotes cultural awareness and understanding, often through panel discussions and workshops that emphasize personal growth.

In-House Committee (IH)

The In-House Committee (IH) is responsible for creating a sense of community within Carlson International Center, particularly through the sharing of individual stories, cultures, and traditions.

Public Relations Committee (PR)

Public Relations (PR) is responsible for disseminating information about Crossroads Program events and activities across the College community.