Meet the CHOICE Council


2014-2015 CHOICE Executive Board


CHOICE Council Co-President


Name: Ray Sajulga, Jr.
Hometown: Chaska, MN
Major: Chemistry or Biochemistry
Fun Fact: I named my little bro by combining my parents’ names. Ray + Ian = Ryan.
Why Gustavus: Because the people here are fantastic.
Why CHOICE: Because you don't have to rely on substances to have fun.
Favorite Caf Food: Anything chicken - dumpling and kiev, especially
Spirit Animal: Butterfly

CHOICE Council Co-President

jacob johnson

Name: Jacob Johnson
Hometown: Holmen, WI
Year In School:  
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Caf Food:  
Why Gustavus:  

CHOICE Council Historian


Name: Lindsey Taylor
Hometown: Duluth, MN
Major: Chemistry or Biology
Favorite Caf Food: Blueberry Cheesecake Crumble Dessert
Why Gustavus: When I was visiting colleges I could tell that there was a real sense of community here, and I was right! I am also involved in the Symphony Orchestra, which is something I feel very fortunate to be a part of.
Why CHOICE: I wanted to meet people who share the same values as me. It’s a great community where we all immediately have something in common!

CHOICE Council Secretary


Name: Megan Quirk
Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
Major: Biology
Favorite Caf Food:  
Why Gustavus:  

CHOICE Council Treasurer


Name: Mackenzie Venhor
Hometown: New Richmond, WI
Year In School: Sophomore
Major: International Management
Favorite Caf Food: Wonton Friday!
Why Gustavus: Gustavus was the only college that I truly felt I could call home.
Why CHOICE: I want to meet/hang out with people who know how to have fun without drugs/alcohol.

2014-2015 CHOICE Council Representatives

Norelius 1A


Name: Caitlin Clause
Hometown: Mankato, MN
Year In School: First Year
Major: potentially Geology
Favorite Caf Food: I would say I love the mac and cheese, kettle chips or a breakfast burrito
Why Gustavus: I visited a lot since my two older brothers attended Gustavus and I felt comfortable and at home. On my official visit I met with one of the Geology professors and they got me really excited for the program. It’s also a beautiful campus!
Why CHOICE: I like the idea of hanging out with a group of people without the pressure of drinking or partying.


Name: Chandra Bouma
Hometown: Mankato, MN
Year In School: First-year
Major: Biology
Favorite Caf Food: I live for the gyros on Friday! I'm also a fan of the guacamole.
Why Gustavus: I really liked the community and the warm atmosphere at Gustavus. I was also drawn by the music opportunities here and I am now involved in the Gustavus Wind Orchestra and other ensembles.
Why CHOICE: I wanted to have a community of people with similar values and to keep the distraction of substances out of my life.


Name: Jessica Hastings Ereth
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Year In School: First-year
Major: Chemistry
Favorite Caf Food: Chili
Why Gustavus: I walked into Gustavus and know it was the school for me!
Why CHOICE: CHOICE is a great way to meet other people who share the non-drinking/smoking lifestyle I hold.
Fun Fact: I am a beekeeper.


Norelius 2A


Name: Eli Larson
Hometown: Buffalo, MN
Year In School: First-Year
Major: Chemistry
Spirit Animal: Freshwater Otter
Why Gustavus: I have a good family connection here and the Chemistry department here is amazing.
Why CHOICE: I feel that when we focus more on the people around us, we learn to be better ourselves. For me this includes not drinking, because it would be detrimental to both myself and the people around me.


Name: Mason Stolt
Hometown: New Ulm, MN
Year In School: First Year
Major: Undecided
Favorite Caf Food: Gluten free pizza
Why Gustavus: I love the area and the cafeteria
Why CHOICE: I don't enjoy drugs and such.

Norelius 3A


Name: Chrissy Dornon
Hometown: Madison, WI
Year In School: First Year
Major: Political Science
Favorite Caf Food: I LOVE the chicken kiev.
Fun Fact: I am adopted from China.
Why Gustavus: I chose Gustavus because of the positive and enthusiastic environment.
Why CHOICE: I chose to live in CHOICE because of the healthy and fun atmosphere it provided. I want to be with people who have similar interests as me.


Prairie View


Name: Emily Young
Hometown: St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Spirit Animal: Sloth
Major: Nursing major, sociology/anthropology
Favorite Caf Food: Turkey tater-tot hotdish
Why Gustavus: I chose Gustavus because I wanted to attend a small school, and I really like the community feel when I visited.
Why CHOICE: I chose CHOICE because I don’t smoke or drink (obviously) and wanted to meet other people with similar values.


Name: Sudha Rahman
Hometown: Mankato, MN
Year In School:  
Favorite Caf Food:  
Why Gustavus:  



Name: Kevin Lungay
Hometown: Chaska, MN
Year In School: Sophomore
Major: Accounting
Favorite Caf Food: Chicken Kiev
Why Gustavus: Because why not.
Why CHOICE: Because alcohol and drugs suck.
Fun Fact: I play tennis.


Name: Chris Heintzelman
Hometown: St. Cloud, MN
Year In School:  
Favorite Caf Food:  
Why Gustavus:  




Name: Jordan Zahrte
Hometown: Chaska, MN
Spirit Animal: Hedgehog - prickly and slightly intimidating at times, but at heart I am really warm and fuzzy!
Major: B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Leadership in Student Affairs
Fun Fact: I speak Norwegian.
Why Gustavus: I love the Liberal Arts experience and the high energy and intelligent students it attracts.
Why CHOICE: I advise CHOICE because I want to be involved in and supportive of the CHOICE communities that live in Norelius.


Name: Erik Heller
Spirit Animal:  
Fun Fact:  
Why Gustavus: