Website Redesign


The Project

Our goal is to launch a freshly redesigned Gustavus website before September 2015. The redesign will update the look and feel of all pages that are currently in the Gustavus template. Certain websites will be excluded from this initial overhaul, including WebAdvisor, Moodle, and WebMail.

What is Changing

It's often difficult to discern what is included in a website redesign. For our purposes, you should expect changes to the general page layout, the use of different colors and fonts, and the addition of new usability-related features and techniques.

What is Not Changing

Your content will not be affected by the redesign. Some elements may look different or they may be located elsewhere on your page, but essentially, your text, photos, links, and documents should only change superficially.

Your Feedback

Your input is crucial to this effort. We know the web, but no one knows your job like you do, and no two people share the same exact view of Gustavus. Community feedback, in conjunction with usability research and web standards, will guide this process from start to finish.

The feedback phase is over, but we'd still love to hear from you. We'll do our best to consider all feedback throughout the redesign process.

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How important is video?

How important is social media?

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