Temple University Infant Lab

Lab Coordinator: Temple University Infant Lab The Temple University Infant Laboratory at Ambler is looking for a laboratory coordinator who has experience working with babies and young children and is looking for an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research. Directed by Professors Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Nora Newcombe, the lab conducts research on language acquisition, parent-child play interactions, spatial development, and memory development. Managing the day-to-day operations, the Lab Coordinator is responsible for developing research initiatives and research designs, recruiting research participants, collecting and coding data, conducting preliminary data analyses, performing literature reviews, and writing preliminary drafts of grant reports, conference abstracts, and manuscripts. Additionally, the Lab Coordinator manages the administrative duties, including the purchasing and replenishing of administrative supplies, keeping track of grant budgets, scheduling participants, organizing lab meetings, and planning events (arranging for visitors, organizing promotional events, etc) as well as supervision of Temple undergraduates and volunteers. This position offers those with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology an opportunity to be a potential collaborator in research that will be presented at major conferences and in publications. Qualifications: Required: Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Science, or Neuroscience. Preferred Skills: Preferably six months experience working with children between the ages of 7 months to six years in a research setting; computer skills and proficiency with MS Office Suite and SPSS/SAS software packages, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with a diverse population of program participants, excellent organizational skills, ability to work independently as well as part of a team, and ability to travel to off-site locations that may not be accessible by public transportation. If interested, please forward a resume to the infant lab coordinator at katrina.ferrara@gmail.com