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Panel Discussion: Psychology In Context
  • Psi Chi, along with the assistance of the Psychology Department, Dean of Students Office, Career Center, and CVR all helped put together the "Psychology in Context Panel" that took place at 7 PM on October 22, 2009 in the Heritage Room.  The evening was designed so that students could learn something about the variety of careers made possible with a psychology degree although students from all majors were welcome to attend the event.   Four professionals participated as panelists and shared a brief explanation of what their jobs entailed and how they became interested in those fields.  Michael Hepperlen, a Gustavus graduate, paneltalked about his role as a Senior Consultant at MDA Leadership Consulting.  Eryn Nelson, also a Gustavus graduate, spoke of her work as a Market Analyst for 3M.  As a Clinical Social Worker, Liz Power Hawkinson talked about the different therapy techniques she employes in her work at the St. Peter Clinic.  Amy Anderson works as a Behavioral Educational Support Specialist, Speech Language Consultant, and as a faculty member at Minnesota State University at Mankato in the Speech, Hearing, and Rehab Services.  Overall, most of the panelists talked about Karithe importance of self-discovery and networking. -- by Kari Jacobsen  

  • [Kari Jacobsen is a senior psychology major, co-president of Psi Chi, a member of the Chapel Choir, a volunteer at the Hoffman Center and works as a student assistant in the Psychology Department]


Kendall Lecture Series Speaker Spring 2010 Mahzarin Banaji

  • The Psychology Department will host Mahzarin R. Banaji as the 2010 John Kendall Lecture Series Presenter during the first week of March, 2010.

    The John Kendall Lecture Series was established to honor Dr. John Kendall for his contributions to the Psychology Department and for his support and influence in the careers of his students.  John was a member of the Psychology Department for fifteen years prior to becoming President of the College in 1980. 

  • The Kendall Lecture, presented by a noted researcher in the field of psychology, is intended to recognize and commemorate Dr. Kendall’s abiding interest and commitment to the empirical investigation of behavior and psychology as a science.  Funding for the public address and classroom visits is provided through the John Kendall Lecture Series Endowment, established in 1985 through the efforts of department faculty and the financial contributions of psychology majors while Dr. Kendall was teaching in the department.

  • Previous Kendall Lecture speakers include:

    • Kelly M. Bemis, University of Minnesota
    • Karl Anders Ericsson, University of Colorado, Boulder
    • Mary Jo Nissen, University of Minnesota
    • Neil Malamuth,  University of California, Los Angeles
    • Gary S. Dell, University of Rochester
    • Charlene Muehlenhard, University of Kansas
    • Elizabeth Spelke, Cornell University
    • Gerald Patterson, Oregon Social Learning Center
    • Gary Pickard, University of Pennsylvania
    • John Kihlstrom, University of Arizona, Tucson
    • Terri Moffit, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • Louis Tassinary, Texas A&M University
    • Gordon Bower, Stanford University
    • Colleen Seifert, University of Michiga
    • Mark Snyder, University of Minnesota
    • Charles Nelson, University of Minnesota
    • Morton Ann Gernsbacher, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • Renee Baillargeon, University of Illinois, Champaign–Urbana
  • Mahzarin R. Banaji was Director of Undergraduate Studies at Yale for many years, and is currently Head Tutor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, as well as by several private foundations. [Information taken from the website below.] Please refer to http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~banaji/bio/index.htm for more on Banaji's professional background and research interests.

Mark your calendars:

  • Friday, December 11 - Psychology Department Research Symposium
  • Tuesday, December 15 - Psychology Department Annual Cookies and Cider Day - Stop by the department, frost a holiday cookie and enjoy a cup of cider.
  • Friday, December 17 - 21 Final Exams

Thanksgiving Reflection

  • A recent question posed to psychology faculty: What are you feeling uniquely thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday? drew the following responses:
    • Dr. Barbara Simpson, Professor, Department of Psychology
    • "I am thankful that I have the freedom and the time to continue to think about what matters and what psychologists can learn about how individuals do and do not articulate who they are and what they do. In that sense, the academy has been kind to me."
    • Dr. Marie Walker
      " If you mean uniquely (different from everyone else) then my response would
      be I'm grateful that my father-in-law is still alive after suffering a massive stroke in June and that every day he makes small steps to recovery. Similar to others, I'm grateful for my family and the interesting work I get to do every day."
    • Dr. Dick Martin, Professor, Department of Psychology
    • "Discovering in May, that my wife Kathie has breast cancer, has affected the two of us deeply over the last 7 months.  We were not prepared for it and the adjustment has been difficult for both of us.  We were also not prepared for the support we have received from everyone around us.  We have always been thankful for the friends we have come to know at Gustavus over the years, and we always thought of them as special. Now we have come to realize this in so many real, and tangible ways in the kindness we have received from so many people.  This will be very much on our minds this Thanksgiving when we consider how blessed we are

Spotlight on Majors: PSY-234 Developmental

  • Last year the Psychology Department welcomed a new assistant professor, Professor Kyle Chambers. Coming to Gustavus from Reed College, Professor Chambers brought innovative ideas to the Psychology Department. Among others, Professor Chambers has added a hands-on, interactive project to his Developmental Psychology classes. Last year his students put on a community education night for St. Peter parents and children. At this event, student groups had made their own exhibits about various developmental topics, including baby sign language; that not only entertained the children but educated their parents. Building on last year’s event, Professor Chambers’s Developmental Psychology students this year are working with the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, the Creative Play Place, and the St. Peter Community Childcare Center to develop exhibits for the Children’s Museum. The Developmental Psychology students have already met with members of the advisory committee to receive feedback on their projects which will début at the formal event exhibit at Madison East Shopping Center on November 19th from 4-7 PM. At that event, there will be a total of 13 Gustavus student exhibits lining the hallway of the mall that leads to two different rooms. One of the two rooms will showcase the “Amazing Castle” exhibit that is from the St. Paul Children’s Museum. The other room will hold a ticketed reception for patrons to raise money for the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s building fund as the museum does not currently have a building. After the formal event, the Developmental Psychology students will make persuasive presentation to the board of directors of the Children’s Museum regarding their exhibit. Following all of the presentations, three to four exhibits will be selected to be featured in Susanthe Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota! Thanks to Professor Chambers, Gustavus students are having an impact on the greater community, while learning outside of the classroom.
  • -- by Susie Kramer
  • [Susan Kramer is a Senior Psychology Honors Major, a Peer Assistant, member of Delta Phi Omega, Psi Chi, the Guild of St. Lucia, Senior Class Legacy 2010, and an Academic Assistant in the Psychology Department]

Resources for Majors

From:  Heather Banks [hbanks@gustavus.edu]
Subject:  U of M Short Courses

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Gustavus and the University of Minnesota Health Careers Center. For the first time, our students will have access to FREE e-learning tools for career exploration on health careers from the University of Minnesota, including, personal statements for a health program, interviewing skills for a health program, and planning for medical school. For more information about the Health Careers Center, please visit:  www.healthcareers.umn.edu The short courses are available on the Gustavus Career Center home page at:  http://www.healthcareers.umn.edu/shortcourses/gustavus/
Contact Heather Banks (7523 or hbanks@gustavus.edu) if you have any questions.

Just in: Graduate Study in Psychology 2009 - available for checkout in SSC 04

Professional Opportunities:

Lab Manager/Social Cognition Lab - The George Washington University

Research Assistant Position - Northwestern University

Research Assistant - University of Maryland, College Park

Breakthrough Saint Paul

  • is looking for a diverse group of talented undergraduate and high school students (juniors/seniors) to teach and lead at an innovative academic summer program for high-potential, under-resourced middle school students in Saint Paul.  Breakthrough provides paid summer internships, complete with training and classroom teaching experience.  
    Open to all majors!
    This internship was ranked as one of the TOP TEN SUMMER INTERNSHIPS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS by the Princeton Review.
    Please check out the attached documents and visit our website for more details! http://www.breakthroughsaintpaul.org/teachers_become.html
    Application Deadline: March 1st, 2010