Student Travel

Student Conference Travel Funds


Students can apply for funds to cover expenses for undergraduate travel expenses related to research. Preference will be given for expenses related to presenting scholarly or creative work at symposia and professional meetings, or engaging in artistic activities, research projects, or performances outside of the Gustavus community that will showcase Gustavus Adolphus College to a broader learning community.

Funding is granted at the discretion of the Dean; only students who are actually presenting will be reimbursed through this fund.


Highest preference will be given for expenses related to research/scholarly and creative presentations followed by travel expenses related to data acquisition. The most common expenses included on this list would be mileage reimbursements, conference registration fees, parking, airfare, and hotel costs.

Meal, beverage, and food expenses will not be considered for the award.

Other expenses related to research or other scholarly activity (such as printing or the purchase of supplies) will be considered only if funds permit and other sources of funding have been explored.


Typically, requests for $200 or less will be fully funded. For amounts greater than $200, awards will generally not exceed 50% of the total expenses, so that more students can benefit from the fund. As a general rule, no student is likely to be funded for more than $500. Students are expected to secure funding for the remainder of their expenses from other sources including departmental and/or personal sources.

A cap may be imposed on total expenses reimbursed when groups of students apply to travel to the same meeting/conference.


All students are eligible to apply, including previous recipients who may apply for a second award from the fund, although first-time applications will be favored over previous recipients. Preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors. The size of the awards will be based on the number of applicants and need. Awards will be given for travel occurring within the same fiscal year (1 June to 31 May) as the decision, with the exception of summer presentations made after graduation.

How to Apply

Download and complete the application the form (below). Follow the directions on the form for submission.

Student Application for Travel Funds

Student Travel Report


Students will receive reimbursement for documented expenses following completion of the activity being funded, submission of the Student Travel Report form, and completion of the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity online form (

Students must receive prior approval before the expenses are incurred. Students must request reimbursement within a month of their return.

Protocol for On-Campus Academic Program Activities Going Off-Campus

Please note: this policy does not apply to faculty-led January off-campus travel courses.

Travel Planning Form

Preparing to Travel with Students Off-Campus

  1. Strongly encourage students who will be traveling with you to make sure their emergency contact information is current with the Dean of Students. Direct them to the online form at
  2. Faculty member fills out the Travel Planning Form and compiles a list of the students going on the trip, the reason for the trip (field trip to nearby park or business, regional or national conference, etc.), and the date and times of departure and return.
  3. The form and student list are then emailed to the Department Chair and the Provost's Office ( This should be done at least 5 school days before the actual off-campus trip.
  4. The Provost's Office forwards the list to Dean of Students.

When You are Off Campus with Students

  1. Make sure you have a cell phone that is charged and working and that students can reach you at all times. If there are multiple vehicles, ensure that cell phone numbers for at least one person in each vehicle are shared.
  2. If traveling in multiple vehicles, set designated meeting places in case you are separated. Have a set of travel directions in each vehicle. Don’t assume that you will be able to stay together in a caravan—this can be especially tricky in heavy traffic.
  3. If anything extraordinary happens (e.g., serious injury) happens, you, as the faculty member in charge of the off-campus academic program activities, should immediately contact Campus Safety at 507-933-8888.
  4. Campus Safety will contact all relevant parties on campus for you.
  5. If a student needs to go to a medical facility, you, as the faculty member in charge, should go with the student, unless an alternate plan is devised with Campus Safety or the Dean of Students Office.
  6. Notify appropriate people (Academic Dean and Dean of Students, parents, etc.) if your schedule changes. This includes early returns, delayed departures, etc.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Dean of Students, JoNes VanHecke
  • Campus Safety (answered 24/7) 507-933-8888
  • Dean of Students on Call 507-933-8888 (after business hours)
  • Gustavus Health Service 507-933-7630
  • Gustavus Counseling Center 507-933-7027
  • Gustavus Chaplains Office 507-933-7446
  • American International Assistance Services (coverage through ISIS & ITIC)
  • Inside US and Canada 800-626-2427
  • Collect from all other locations 713-267-2525
  • When calling the US from overseas, you will need to know how to get an international operator and know the US access code. It may also be helpful for you to have a number for the company or your preference (AT&T for international calling instructions: 1-800-331-1140 within the US or 412-553-7458 collect from outside the US).