Rich Aune ’81

Alumni and Administrator

Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission in Admission

Territory: Southeast MN, Transfer Students

Life before Gustavus
I’m a graduate of Grand Rapids High School in 1977.One of 4 boys. I was actively involved in athletics, music, and church. I began working at Gustavus right after graduation in 1981, but took a 4-year hiatus from 1981-85 that involved professional school and private sector work.

What are your professional/work interests?
I’m the co-chair of the Minnesota Education Fair committee for MACAC.I work a lot with transfer students and transcript evaluation.I'm very interested in first-year student advising.

What is your best college search tip?
Develop an organizational system for all the mail and college information you will be receiving. Folders or binders will help you keep everything together.

What are your most recent professional/work projects?
I’m the site chair for the Minnesota Education Fair at Gustavus and was a coach for National Hispanic Institute College World Series at Butler University.

What do you learn from interacting with Gustavus students?
They keep me young at heart and offer hope for the future.

What do you value most about working at Gustavus?
The sense of community and camaraderie amongst students, faculty, and staff.

What are your hobbies?
Outdoor recreation including camping, hunting, and fishing.Golf.Spending time at the lake cabin.

How have you been involved in your community?
I’ve been a soccer coach, Sunday school teacher, and am on the Church Council.

What is your favorite Gustavus tradition?
Christmas in Christ Chapel


B.A., chemistry, Gustavus, 1981


camping, fishing, golf, and hunting