Nate Van Yperen


Visiting Assistant Professor in Religion


Ph.D. Princeton Theological Seminary, 2013

Courses Taught

REL-132 (Religion & Ecology) and REL-244 (ST:Martin Luther King)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
REL-132 Religion & Ecology 5 2018/FA, 2018/SP, and 2017/FA
REL-112 Studies in Religion 4 2016/SP and 2015/FA
REL-107 Race+Religion in Wire 3 2019/JN, 2018/JN, and 2016/JN
REL-113 Religion in America 3 2013/FA
REL-344 ST:Nature & Exper 2 2018/FA and 2016/SP
REL-244 ST:Martin Luther King 2 2018/SP and 2015/FA
REL-253 Science and Religion 1 2017/FA