Nate Otto ’99

Alumni and Faculty

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach and Visiting Professor in Health and Exercise Science


MFA from the University of Virginia

Areas of Expertise

Fitness and Health

Courses Taught


HES-100 (Physical Fitness: Walking), HES-122 (Relaxation), HES-123 (Yoga), and HES-124 (Social Dance)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
HES-100PF:Cardiofit112017/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2016/SP, 2015/FA, and 2014/SP
HES-122Relaxation102018/JN, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2016/SP, 2016/JN, 2015/FA, 2015/SP, 2014/FA, 2014/SP, and 2013/FA
HES-123Yoga82018/JN, 2017/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2016/SP, 2016/JN, and 2015/FA
HES-124Social Dance52017/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2016/SP, and 2015/FA
HES-243Eat Italy!12017/JN
HES-131Ultimate Disc12015/FA