Nick Dobie


I knew from an early age that I enjoyed computers and always wanted to know how they worked. When I was 12 I picked up Teach Yourself Web Programming in 21 Days and I fell in love with web development. After my first taste of web development, I would spend hours searching the Internet and reading books to learn everything that I could about web programming. I’d also do small projects to see how I could combine what I knew. To this day everything I know about web programming I taught myself and continue to keep learning and doing small projects. Throughout myself teaching I have found that I am able to quickly pick up new languages and techniques.

Originally I am from a small town in Idaho but moved to an even smaller town in Minnesota while I was in high school. I studied South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for two years, and found my true passion was not with traditional desktop programming but with web development. Shortly after finishing my second year, I decided to leave school and pursue web development full time. When I am not building websites, I am playing with electronics. I have always enjoyed the challenge that designing and building a circuit presents.

I came to Gustavus in January 2013. One of the biggest reasons I chose to work at Gustavus, was the wonderful and accepting community. Along with the community, I enjoy the unique and diverse problems to solve that come with working for a college. I enjoy my experience with working for such an amazing group of people and look forward to the new problems and challenges.

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