O.J. Johnson Student Union


Built in 1922, the O.J. Johnson Student Union was named for the College’s seventh president in 1942. It was renovated in 1956 and 1987, and houses Alumni Hall, the Dive, KGSM Radio, Drug and Alcohol Education and Peer Assistant Center, Counseling Center, Center for Vocational Reflection, and Community Service Center. The student union was originally built as the College’s athletic facility, with a gymnasium, swimming pool, and elevated running track, and served that function until Myrum Memorial Fieldhouse was erected in 1939, after which the union gym floor (later remodeled as Alumni Hall) became the site of spring formals, oratorios and concerts, lectures, and intramural activities; the swimming pool, locker rooms, and handball court survived until 1987, when "The Dive," a student space that functions as a dance club, coffeehouse, and stage for music, comedy, and improv, was built in the area they formerly occupied.