Kara "Dr. T" Trautman


Assistant Professor in Health and Exercise Science

Dr. Kara Trautman completed her Ph.D. at North Dakota State University and M.S. at the University of Central Missouri. The overarching aims of her research are to: 1) further understand the role of nutrition and exercise on skeletal muscle health; 2) to implement findings to populations at risk for loss of lean mass and strength due to disuse and atrophy (i.e. astronauts and aging or injured individuals); and 3) to implement findings to the community and young researchers to increase the knowledge of healthy aging.


Ph.D. Exercise Science and Nutrition


hiking, SUP, Kayaking, running, BJJ, and comedy

Courses Taught

HES-222 (Applied Human Nutrition), HES-309 (Biomech/Functnl Anat), and HES-313 (Exercise/Diet/Disease)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
HES-116 Weight Training 1 2021/JN
HES-210 Global Wellness 1 2021/JN
HES-350 Fitness Specialist 1 2020/FA
HES-222 Applied Human Nutrition 1 2020/FA
HES-208 Exercise Physiology 1 2020/FA
HES-300 Research Seminar HES 1 2020/FA
HES-220 Research Statistics 1 2020/FA