Hilary Christensen


Visiting Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor in Geology

I am a recent graduate of the University of Chicago; my PhD thesis focused on changes in mammalian faunas in North America over the K/T boundary (the dinosaur extinction). My interests are in physiological and ecological aspects of living and fossil mammals, using stable isotopes as well as other techniques as proxies.


BA Carleton College '06, PhD University of Chicago '12

Courses Taught


GEO-111 (Principles Lab), GEO-212 (Evolution of Earth), GEO-212 (Evolution of Earth Lab), GEO-344 (ST:Paleontology Topics), GEO-392 (Research in Geology I), and GEO-393 (Research in Geology II)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
GEO-241Paleontology w/Lab22013/FA
GEO-101Dinosaurs & their Food12014/JN
GEO-111Principles of Geology12013/FA
GEO-111Principles Lab12013/FA