Dan Young


Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics

I've been pretty much all around the US. I grew up just north of Portland Oregon, attended undergrad in Texas, grad school in New Hampshire, and now I'm here in the frigid north! My area of research specializes in physics education. Specifically, I'm using current educational theories regrading how we combine ideas together to make proofs and assumptions in order to build a "general mental model" for how physicists perceive both common and non-intuitive phenomenon. In addition, I am a huge fan of quantum mechanics and am trying my best to apply what I know about how we learn "standard" logical physics topics to writing quantum curriculum.


B.S. Astrophysics, Rice University, 2009 Ph.D. Physics, University of New Hampshire, 2014

Areas of Expertise

Physics Education and Quantum Mechanics

Courses Taught


PHY-120 (General Physics I), PHY-121 (General Physics I Lab), PHY-122 (General Physics I with Calculus), and PHY-390 (Quantum Mechanics)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
PHY-171General Physics II Lab22016/SP and 2015/SP
PHY-172General Physics II with Calculus22016/SP and 2015/SP
PHY-102Astronomy Lab22016/SP
PHY-170General Physics II22016/SP and 2015/SP
PHY-120General Physics I22015/FA and 2014/FA
PHY-122General Physics I with Calculus22015/FA and 2014/FA
PHY-121General Physics I Lab22015/FA and 2014/FA
PHY-390Quantum Mechanics22015/FA and 2014/FA
PHY-102Astronomy, Cosmology, and Astrophysics12016/SP
PHY-101Physical World--El Ed12016/JN
PHY-350Electromagnetic Theory12015/SP