Chris Rog


Chris is a recent graduate from Saint Cloud State who moved to the area after landing a job at Gustavus. He majored in Computer Science, with a minor in East Asian Studies. He's also older than he looks, but he's still carded at casinos sometimes. Despite growing up in the region, he still hasn't gotten used to the crazy wind that always seems to be in full swing around Gustavus campus.

He's a super logical robot, so emotions don't really affect him. Because of this, however, he's very good at fully thinking through problems and being an absolute perfectionist with his code (and everything, really). He expects the same from others as well, so if you ask his opinion, his response will always be one of complete honesty. He's been writing software for almost twenty years, and has had an interest in computers since he convinced his parents to get one as a kid. He's also really good at taking things apart and putting them back together again, furthering his growing understanding of technology. At home he's got a crazy abundance of computery things. Next on the list is probably a Nexus 10! Stepping away from tech stuff a bit, he's really into hockey and electronic music (specifically: drum & bass and liquid). If one isn't playing, the other likely is.

Besides programming, creating his own games, and hosting Minecraft servers, his hobbies revolve around video games and Japan. The two mix in that he has international versions of many and prefers to play with Japanese audio. He's also studied abroad in Japan, which is how he picked up some of these games. He stayed for a year in Fukuoka and it was the best place ever. He can't wait to visit again someday. It's also where he met his girlfriend; now fiance! She moved from NC to the cold tundra of MN. That's some dedication! They're expecting to be married around late 2013.

Chris hopes to apply his skills to help maintain and improve the Gustavus website and web services.