Brian Evans ’07


Principle Company Member & Music Director at Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater; Creative Arts Minister at Saint Andrew Lutheran Church; Artist in Residence/Adjunct Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College; Teaching Artist at Young Dance, Inc.; and Creative Arts Minister at Saint Andrew Lutheran Church

Brian J. Evans is a Professional Performing Human. For the past seven years, Evans has had the privilege and pleasure of engaging in a vast array of fields. Teaching in public and private institutions, working with healthcare providers in the US and abroad, performing as singer, actor, dancer in churches, theaters, basements, outdoor stages, any space provided that encourages the arts to thrive. An artist striving for social justice, Evans places high value in process and product, having had most of his training out in the 'arts field' of the Twin Cities, working with over 50 artistic directors on more then 200 projects from solo endeavors to collaborating as an self-employed teaching artist. Primarily as a principle dancer and musical director for Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Evans has continued to investigate the idea that connections exist between us all and it's the responsibility of the Arts to rediscover those connections, highlight them and allow us to feel holistically human. 


BA Liberal Arts Dance - Gustavus Adolphus College

Course Taught

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T/D-244ST:Interdiscipln Perf12014/FA