Alice Hu


Visiting Assistant Professor in Classical Studies


B.A. Stanford University; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
LAT-102 Beg. Latin II 4 2020/SP and 2019/SP
LAT-101 Beg. Latin I 2 2019/FA
GRE-213 Greek Tragedy 1 2020/SP
GRE-313 Greek Tragedy 1 2020/SP
CLA-121 Ancient World Politics 1 2020/JN
CLA-399 Classics Capstone 1 2019/SP
GRE-100 Anc Greek Lang & Cultr 1 2019/JN
LAT-201 Reading Latin Literature 1 2018/FA
LAT-301 Roman Historian-Tacitus 1 2018/FA