On-Campus Mail

On-campus service is limited to members of the Gustavus Community. All other mail must be delivered to the College through a third party vendor (i.e. U.S. Post Office, Federal Express, UPS).

On-campus mail must be clearly marked "on-campus" and separated from out-going mail requiring postage. This will prevent delays in handling, and eliminate the possibility of campus mail being inadvertently metered and mailed out.


  • Mail must be at least 3" by 5".
  • Any campus mailing numbering 10 or more must be alphabetized and bundled.
  • Return information is required.
  • Mass mailings are all mailings of unaddressed materials intended for a significant part or all of the community. Approval must be submitted with the mailing.
    • The Dean of Students or his/her designee must approve mass mailings sent by students, student groups and student organizations.
    • The College Dean or his/her designee must approve mass mailings sent by faculty.
    • The Director of Postal Services must approve mass mailing by staff or administration.
  • Mailings advertising an event where alcohol is identified as the focus of the activity are prohibited.
  • No soliciting or political campaign materials can be sent through the campus mail.