Physics Alumni

The physics program has had very good success in preparing our students for graduate study. The figure below shows the number of students who received physics degrees from Gustavus in the past fifteen years and the number of these students who subsequently continued on to graduate school in physics or a related field. In the latest NSF WebCASPAR survey of the baccalaureate origins of Ph.D. recipients in physics, Gustavus ranked 19th in the U.S., based on the fact that sixteen doctorates in physics were awarded in the period from 1999-2004. Since 1988, over 45 of our former students have received Ph.D.s in physics or engineering, over 10 the M.D. or J.D. degree, and we currently have many additional students in the graduate-school pipeline. Since 1986, over 265 B.A. degrees with the major in physics have been earned by Gustavus graduates.  Gustavus is generally in the top 15 undergraduate institutions in the annual AIP summary of the number of undergraduate physics majors.

Physics alumni and graduate school