Senior Theses


Kate Goodpaster
"Cultural Oppression in Post-Colonial Education"
Joe Hillman
"Universal Rights: Misrepresentation In Favor of Political Correctness"
Laurel Hoch
"Theories as Tools: A Pluralistic Approach to Aesthetic Appreciation"
Rhea Muchalla
"A BIN/ARY Culture: Interrogating the Way Culture Functions in Everyday Life Laurel Hoch, Theories as Tools: A Pluralistic Approach to Aesthetic Appreciation"
Caleb Phillips
"Clarity and Opacity: An Ethical Examination of Information Transparency, Control, & Utility"
Jeff Nichols
"Engaging Fiction Ethically"


Chris deLaubenfels
"Running and the Absurd. Improvement: Camus' Missing Piece of the Absurd Hero"
Daniel George
"The Rejection of Essence and the Relationship Between Reflective and Nonreflective Experience in Dewey and Nagarjuna"
Rhea Muchalla
"Colliding Coalitions"
Minwoo Shin
"Is Multiculturalism a Feasible Solution for the American Society?"
Andi Twiton
"Hull House and Democratic Space"
Harald Van Gaasbeek
"Jane Addams and International Relations: An Alternative Approach"
Mark Wirbisky
"The Possibility of Critique"


Megan Buckingham
"The Role of Self-Love in Overcoming Oppression"
Elizabeth Harri
"Ignorance is Bliss: The Question of the Ethnocentrism of Written Language"
Peter Keay
"Kierkegaard's Sickness Unto Death: The Sovereignty of God and the Freedom of the Human Soul"
Benjamin Martin
"The Psychology of William James"
Eric D. Olson
"The Horror of Humor: Tension and Related Observations"
Jonathan Olson
"Wittgenstein's Language Games and Nagarjuna's Devaluation of Language"
Adam Tehle
"Culture's Cookbook: The Communication Function of Food"


Joshua Helston
Christopher Koranda
"Socrates and the Distribution of Moral Arms"


Brooke Lundquist
"Wittgenstein and Aesthetics: What is the Language of Art?"
Erica K. Lucast
"Wittgenstinian Relativity: Neither Chaos nor Absolute"


Michael Ferguson Beltz
"Differences in Style: From Saint Augustine to Pope John Paul II"
Thomas Ehrich
"Defending Beliefs: Objectivity as Validation for Critiques of Health Care Resource Allocation"
Judy Hensley
"The Historical and Philosophical Understandings of Objectivity"


Kaaren Williamsen
"Emotions and Social Intelligence: Jane Braaten and Antonio Damasio"