Meet the Peer Assistants

KeishaKeisha Bates

Senior: Biology
Interests: Swing dancing, hiking through tropical rain forests, watching the stars, climbing trees, scrapbooking, reading in hammocks, playing softball, running skiing, playing piano, watching sunsets/sunrises, playing Quelf, and finding joy and laughter in everything around me.
Living: Southwest (kbates)

Chaz BrownChaz

Senior: International Management/Spanish
Interests: Puppies, Chinese food, speaking Spanish, running, sarcasm, Wild hockey games, the color orange, all things Mexican, and salami.
Living: Southwest (cbrown5)


KristinKristin Brown (Student Teaching Fall Semester)

Senior: Elementary Education (Student Teaching Fall Semester)
Interests: Laughing, exercising and playing sports, being outside, smiling, skiing, hugs, singing, making funny faces, teaching little kids, spending time with family and friends.
Living: Off Campus (kbrown4)

David BuckleyDavid

Sophomore: Physics/Math
Interests: Lacrosse, hockey, soccer, other sports, scrabble, and being outside.
Living: Uhler (dbuckley)

Bree CeranskeBree

Junior: Biology/English/Religion
Interests: Working out, reading, painting, good conversation, watching movies, musicals, and swimming.
Living: Uhler (bceransk)

Mary Dierkes (Abroad spring semester)Mary

Junior: History/Political Science
Interests: Reading, music, singing, falling asleep on the grass outside of the chapel in the spring and fall, arts and crafts, history, baseball, spending time with family and friends.
Living: Rundstrom (mdierkes)


BritaBrita Gilyard

Junior: Nursing
Interests: Family, friends, traveling, cinnamon sugar pita chips, photography, thunder storms, Tanzania, ice cream.
Living: Uhler (bgilyard)

Sam GraceSam

Junior: Music
Interests: Piano, PJ's Pizza, riding my bike, winter weather, Gustavus choir.
Living: Off Campus (sgrace)

Blake GustBlake

Sophomore: Political Science/English
Interests: Nordic skiing, running, soccer, word puzzles, piano, politics, hanging out with friends, the Twins.
Living: North (bgust)


Christopher HallChristopher

Senior: Biology/Music
Interests: Singing, mountain biking, swing dancing, painting, running, swimming, skiing, deep conversations, spending time with family and friends.
Living: International Center (chall2)


Sarah HundSarah

Sophomore: Biology/English
Interests: Swimming, running, reading, music, eating, eventing, laughing, backpacking, family and friends, drinking peach tea.
Living: Gibbs (shund)


Lauren JohnsonLauren

Senior: Biology
Interests: Running, biology, the outdoors, hockey and all other sports, spending time with family and friends, biking, kayaking, traveling, laughing.
Living: Southwest (sjensen3)


WesWes Jones

Junior: Political Science/History
Interests: Swim team, kayaking, oceans, being underwater, hiking, triathlons, rivers, waves, Pearl Jam!
Living: Off Campus (wjones)

Peter MichaletzPeter

Junior: Biology/Music
Interests: Choir, trombone, listening to music, watching movies, lemurs, anything Minnesota.
Living: Rundstrom (pmichale)


Colleen PetersonColleen

Junior: Political Science
Interests: Hiking, running, milk, traveling, mountains, sunrises.
Living: International Center (cpeters8)

Katelyn Warburtonkatelyn

Sophomore: Psychology/Neuro-Psychology
Interests: Reading, music, laughing, thunderstorms, baking, family, hair bows, sports, traveling.
Living: North (kwarburt)

Luke YoungvorstLuke

Junior: Biology
Interests: Singing, hiking, frisbee, tennis, anything outside, trips with friends.
Living: International Center (lyoungvo)