Event Planning Checklist

A service provided by the Office of Marketing and Communication

Several hundred campus events are hosted by staff, faculty, and students annually. The range of events includes public lectures, dedications, music festivals, workshops, theatre productions, retreats, and conferences. To plan and implement a successful event requires advance planning and coordination with a number of campus offices. Campus guests and visitors continually remark about the wonderful hospitality and treatment they receive while on campus.

While there is no single office on campus that can handle the myriad of details, there are a couple of resource people who can offer assistance in planning an event. For event assistance or advice, contact:

The aforementioned people, along with this checklist, will help you coordinate a successful event!

  1. __ Determine the event date and check the College Calendar for potential conflicts. For assistance, call the Office of Marketing and Communication (x7520).
  2. __ Make the necessary meeting room reservation(s). Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. See further down for details on reserving.
  3. __ If food or beverages are needed, call Dining Service to make arrangements at least one week in advance (x7608).
  4. __ After completing the above arrangements, fill out and submit the College Calendar Submission Form. For help, call the Office of Marketing and Communication (x7520). Once an event is approved and appears on the College Calendar, it will appear on Gustavus-L the day before and the day of the event.
  5. __ To request internal and external publicity (which can include "The Yellow Sheet" and off-campus newspaper, radio, and television media), call the Office of Marketing and Communication at least three weeks in advance (x7520).
  6. __ To automatically post an event on the event reminder e-mail list, Gustavus-L, make sure the box for Gustavus-L inclusion is checked on the College Calendar submission page and allow at least a week for event receipt, review, and approval. For more information, call the Office of Marketing and Communication (x7520).
  7. __ If audio-visual equipment (public address or presentation devices) is needed, call the Technology Helpline three working days prior to the event to make arrangements (x6111).
  8. __ Call Campus Safety 24 hours in advance to have the necessary buildings and rooms unlocked and locked, and to discuss any parking, safety, or medical concerns for the event (x8809).
  9. __ Call the Physical Plant office one week in advance to arrange for delivery, set-up, and removal of supplies (i.e. tables, chairs, and coat racks); heating or cooling needs; and snow removal or other special physical plant needs (x7504). Johnson Student Union and Jackson Campus Center set-up requests should be made with the Student Activities Director (x7598), who will forward them to the Physical Plant. Call (x7655) to arrange any custodial needs.
  10. __ If Guest House accommodations are needed, call Church Relations to make arrangements. Rooms are reserved for guests of the College and those who have an official and/or volunteer relationship with the College. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis (x7001).
  11. __ If a College vehicle is needed for transporting guests, call the Switchboard Operator in Telecommunications (x0). Vehicles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  12. __ If guests would like to use Lund Center, call the Lund Center Information Desk to secure passes (x6660).
  13. __ If printing or duplication services (posters, programs, tickets) are required, contact Printing Services. Camera-ready items or electronic files must be dropped off at least three days before the finished products are needed (x7536).
  14. __ To arrange book signings or have a guest's book(s) sold at an event, contact the Book Mark at least three weeks in advance (x7467).
  15. __ After completing the above arrangements, inform the switchboard and the SAO White Desk personnel of your event.

Room Reservation Information

To reserve classrooms between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays during the academic year, contact the Registrar's Office (x7495).

To reserve classrooms after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends during the academic year, call the telephone number designated below:

Building / Room Phone Number Contact Person
Confer and Vickner x7391 Jenny Tollefson
Library — Seminar Rooms (Classrooms) x7556 Sylvia Straub
Lund Center — Classrooms x7699 Larry Zelenz
Nobel Hall x7333 Marilyn Frederick
Old Main x7548 Janine Genelin
Olin x7483 Linda Hewitt
Schaefer Buildings
Fine Arts (Art) x7019 Colleen Hanson
Fine Arts (Music) x7364 Nancy Sanderson
Fine Arts (Communication Studies/Theatre & Dance) x7353 Jo Nickels
Anderson Social Science Center x7414 Jane Chouanard

To reserve all other locations that have variable schedules and are booked solely by an individual office, call the telephone number listed below:

Building / Room Phone Number Contact Person
Jackson Campus Center — John's Family Courtyard x7598 Cassandra Nelson
Christ Chapel x7446 Kathy Matz
Confer — Computer Classrooms x7605 Teri Bauman
Dining Service Rooms x6245 Margi Willmert
Carlson International Center x7545 Linda Shaw
Lind Interpretive Center x6181 Shirley Mellema
AV Classrooms (and equipment) x7571 Ginny Bakke
Conference rooms x7556 Sylvia Straub
Lund Center — Non-classroom facilities/fields x7699 Larry Zelenz
Retreat Center x7001 Marilyn Beyer
Schaefer Buildings
Anderson Theatre x6280 Terena Wilkens
Jussi Björling Recital Hall x7013 Al Behrends
Johnson Student Union
Alumni Hall x7598 Cassandra Nelson
Linner Lounge x7598 Cassandra Nelson
The Dive and Conference Rooms x7598 Cassandra Nelson

To reserve facilities in the summer, contact Summer Programs' Margi Willmert (x6245).