NEW: Curriculum Initiative Grants

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 (Around 7 years ago)

Curriculum Initiative Grants Grant applications are due May 12, 2008

The John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning is pleased to introduce a special initiative available to eligible faculty to design a new semester-long course or substantially re-design an existing semester-long course targeting one of the following two strategic initiatives:


“Develop an Integrated Leadership program that combines rigorous academic study with relevant field experience for the development of students’ leadership skills and competencies.” (2/29/2008 Draft of the Strategic Plan, 6)

International and Cultural Competence

“Draw on our rich immigrant past while embracing a new demographic future by intentionally creating and supporting a diverse learning community (ethnically, geographically, socio-economically, religiously) committed to engagement with a global perspective.” (2/29/2008 Draft of the Strategic Plan, 7)

Funding priority will be assigned for proposals that clearly, 1. articulate the educational value of the new/redesigned course as a means of targeting the particular strategic initiative,

  1. outline a sound plan for developing the new/redesigned course,

  2. address the curricular impact the new/redesigned course will have in terms of frequency offered and/or enrollment,

  3. describe a well conceived plan for assessing the impact the new/redesigned course has on student learning, and

  4. include appropriate materials and activities necessary to develop the course.

Funds for these grants are limited; thus, grants are competitive. Whereas all eligible faculty are invited to submit proposals, priority will be given to applications submitted by tenured and tenure track faculty because of the long-term benefit their initiatives will afford the Gustavus curriculum. Note that course initiative grants are not available for January interim courses or one-time special topics courses in the curriculum.

Application Process

  1. Applications by eligible faculty members are due by May 12, 2008 for funding available through May 31, 2009. All expenditures (including any travel) must be completed by May 31, 2009 to qualify for grant funds.

  2. Curriculum Initiative Grants will be awarded for up to $1000.00. Of this $1000.00, successful applicants may budget a maximum of $500 for summer stipend. The appropriate use of grant funds is described in greater detail below.

  3. Please address the following items in your application narrative:

a. What course will you focus on during the curriculum initiative grant period? Please include the number and catalog description of the course, note the target student population and average enrollment, and explain how the new/revised course will address the strategic initiative.

b. Indicate whether the grant will be used to develop a new course or substantially redesign an existing course. Please address the corresponding issues:

If proposing a new course: 1) Explain why a new course is necessary for meeting the targeted initiative rather than redesigning an existing course.

2) Describe how the course will fit into the existing department and/or general education curricula.

3) Articulate how the new course will enhance the department major and/or general education offerings.

If proposing to re-design a course: 1) Attach a copy of the most recent course syllabus and explain how you expect the course to change to meet the targeted initiative.

2) Explain how the re-designed course will enhance the department major and/or general education offerings.

c. What work will be accomplished during the grant period? Supply a brief plan that explains what you intend to do to accomplish the goals of your project.

d. How will you measure the outcomes and impact on teaching and learning elicited by your new/revised course? Please be specific about what you expect students to learn in the course and how you expect to measure their learning. If possible, include sample questions you will use to evaluate student learning in your new/redesigned course and describe in detail any other behavioral outcomes you anticipate.

e. Attach a brief letter of support from your department chair that includes explicit mention of when the course will first be offered, how regularly it will be offered thereafter, and how it fits with the department’s existing curriculum. Submission

Four copies of the complete Curriculum Initiative Grant application (including narrative, letter from chair, budget form, and cover sheet) should be submitted to the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning (SSC 119) no later than 5 p.m. May 12, 2008. Receipt of application will be acknowledged via e-mail; notification of awards will be sent no later than May 25, 2008.

Final Report

All faculty awarded a Curriculum Initiative Grant must submit a final report that details the work accomplished during the grant period. The final report must be accompanied by the new syllabus and/or assignments or other course materials developed using the grant, and should be submitted within six months of the end of the grant period.

Faculty who have not submitted final reports for any previous grants administered by the Kendall Center or Faculty Development Committee (e.g., mini grants, RSC) must do so to be eligible for a Curriculum Initiative Grant.


Complete the budget form.

Funds may be used to acquire materials and supplies, reimburse expenses for travel and registration fees for teaching seminars or workshops directly related to the course content; for visiting archives or collections necessary to develop or significantly redesign an existing course; and to pay printing or photocopying costs. Grant money may not be used for workshops, seminars, or meetings for which participants are given a stipend by an outside granting agency, or to present or publish research, scholarship, or creative works.

Faculty will have one fiscal year to spend the grant: June 1, 2008 through May 31, 2009. Should you have any questions about the application process, or if you would like to talk through an idea you have about a curriculum initiative grant, please contact the co-director; of the Kendall Center for Engaged Learning Jennifer Ackil or Laura Behling.

We look forward to working with faculty on this new initiative.

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