Announcing a New Publication: Faculty Achievements 2005-2007

Monday, November 26, 2007 (Around 7 years ago)

As a way to continue to promote and celebrate the good professional scholarly, research, and creative work of the faculty, The John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning is launching a new publication, Faculty Achievements.

Faculty Achievements will be published annually and will span achievements according to calendar years. The Kendall Center will provide the administrative guidance for the publication, College Relations will provide the creative and design work, and faculty will provide the information about their achievements.

Here’s how this will work for the first Faculty Achievements:

  1. This first publication will span faculty achievements from January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2007. Only work that has appeared or been awarded during this time should be submitted.

  2. Achievements should be submitted in the body of an email to Cathy Blaukat (cblaukat). Please put “faculty achievements” in the subject line.

  3. Submit achievements in the following order: Name, Department Publications (book, journal articles, book chapters, book review, creative work) Performances or Exhibitions (published, produced, performed international,
    national, local) Presentations (talks, invited talks, posters) Grants (external and internal) Awards in Discipline Elected or Appointed Work in National Disciplinary Organizations

  4. Please submit your achievements by February 14, 2008.

  5. Please use our modified citation format for all achievements.

Models: We’ve provided examples of publications, presentations, exhibitions, performances, awards in a discipline, and elected or appointed work. Please organize your information into this format. If you have an achievement that is not covered by these examples, please send us the relevant information so that we can organize it appropriately.

If your co-author/s or co-presenter/s is/are Gustavus student/s, please indicate by putting the last two digits of the year of graduation after the name: Adolphson ‘10.

If you are a Gustavus graduate, please put the last two digits of your year of graduation after your name.

Name Title and Department

Publications (book, journal articles, book chapters, translations, book review, creative writing)

Grass Roots Medicine: The Story of Free Health Clinics of the Santee and Omaha, University of Nebraska Press, 2007.

“Now More Than Ever: The Intensification of Public Grief After 9/11,” Annals of Philosophy, 45.2 (2006): 40-63.

“Evaluation of Minnesota River Clam,” (with B.A. Echol, S.T. Hive, & A.A. Corbicula), Journal of Environmental Toxicology, 25.9 (2006): 3-14.

“Marking the Days: Henry Machyn’s Manuscript and the Mid-Tudor Era,” eds. Edward Courtenay and Henry Cornwall, The Church of Mary Tudor, Ashgate, 2006: 233-261.

Translation: “Retorica della diffrazione: Bembo, Aretino, Giulio Romano e Tasso: Letteratura e scena cortigiana,” Sixteenth Century Journal, 37.1 (Spring 2006): 233-239.

Review: “In Search of the Common Good,” Journal of Lutheran Theology, May 2005: 3-4.

“December Moods,” Seattle Review, Spring 2006: 45-73.

Exhibitions or Performances (published, produced, performed—international, national, local)

Blue: A Retrospective, Winsome Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, December-January 2006.

Set design, Columbinus, Gustavus Adolphus College, October 2007.

Solo pianist, Benefit Concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief, Salem, VA, September 2005.

Composition, “The Night Watch,” performed by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, July 2006.

Presentations (talks, invited talks, posters)

“Sin, Contemporary Culture, and Writing,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, December 2007.

“Jump Now, Play Later: Combating Knee Injuries Through Jump Training,” (with D. Dutch), AAHPERD Conference, April 2005.

“The Public Policy Context of Faculty Work and Department Decision-Making,” ADFL Seminar for Foreign Language Department Chairs, June 2007.

“Beyond Redlining: Editing Software That Works,” Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, June 1993.

“Beyond Redlining: Editing Software That Works,” (with N.D. Plume ‘10 and L. Larson), Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, June 1993.

Grants (external and internal)

“Determining the Ecotoxicological Recovery of Plum Creek,” Ingalls River Project, $33,567.

“Clinical Faculty Program,” (with T. Reynolds), Wisconsin Department of Education, $120,444.

“Camera Orientation: An Opportunity for Human-Robot Collaborative Control,” Gustavus Adolphus College Presidential Faculty-Student Collaboration Grant (with H. Johnson ‘09), $7,500.

“The Misguided Rhetoric of War Presidents,” Gustavus Adolphus College Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Grant, $2,200.

Awards in Discipline

Distinguished First Book Award by the Organization of American Historians, The Galloping Hessian’s Head: The Haunting of Small-Town America, Harvard University Press, 2006.

William James Fellow Award of the Association of Psychological Science for significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology.

John Bates Clark Medal of the American Economic Society awarded to an economist under the age of forty who is adjudged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge.

Elected or Appointed Work in National Disciplinary Organizations

Elected, National Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession, American Chemical Society.

Appointed, Fellowship reviewer for the National Endowment for the Humanities.

We appreciate your willingness to conform to a citation style that may not be your own, to meet deadlines, and to celebrate your and your colleagues’ achievements; we especially appreciate your patience as we move this publication forward as smoothly and efficiently as we can.

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