Guidelines for ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V.- Administered EKD Stipends

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 (Around 8 years ago)

Guidelines for ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V.-Administered EKD Stipends

In order to provide an opportunity for ecumenical encounter and support advanced training and qualification, the church office of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) annually offers up to two stipends for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America clergy, interns, rostered professionals, or laity. The stipend recipients are designated by the ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V. The stipends are granted for programs of study and research within Germany for a three-month period. In order to administer this stipend program, the ELCA Wittenberg Center, e.V. has developed the following guidelines: 1. Applicants for the EKD Stipend must complete an ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V. Application for Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) Stipend. 2. Applicants must be active members of an ELCA congregation or engaged in full-time academic work at an ELCA-related college or university. An applicant must receive endorsement from the Bishop of the synod in which his or her membership lies. If the applicant is not a member of an ELCA congregation, the applicant must receive the endorsement of the President of the ELCA related college or university for which he or she works. All applicants must submit a recommendation from the pastor of the congregation to which they belong. 3. The monthly stipend established by the EKD is 959.00 Euro with an amount of approximately 250.00 Euros for a married scholar with an accompanying spouse and 125.00 Euro per each accompanying child. 4. The stipend includes reimbursement for travel to and from Germany for the scholar and his or her accompanying family members. Provision is also made to insure that the scholar will have adequate health insurance. 5. Stipends may be used for the purchase of academic materials, program registration fees, living expenses in Germany, travel costs and other related expenses as approved by the Wittenberg Center directors. 6. Applicants will be responsible for making arrangements for travel, accommodations, and any necessary institutional permissions and privileges in connection with the study program. The Center is able to assist with arrangements in Wittenberg and some nearby cities. 7. Applicants are responsible for their own passports and visas. 8. Applicants will present a study program proposal which indicates the program’s objectives. Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
• how the program will benefit the applicant’s current ministry • how the program will benefit the applicant’s current institution • how the program will benefit the church (congregationally, synodically/regionally, and nationally) • how the program will further relationships with the Church in Germany — its members, congregations and leaders. 9. Applicants will present an outline of the study program, including: • Places in Germany where applicant intends to study • Contacts in Germany that already exist and those intended to be made • Areas in which assistance will be required. 10. Stipend recipients must conform to the guidelines as set forth by the EKD (Evangelical Church of Germany). 11. Stipend recipients will be asked to sign a covenant with the ELCA Wittenberg Center which indicates their intent: • to complete the program as proposed • to submit a brief program summary at the end of their stipend period • to prepare a letter of acknowledgement to the appropriate EKD personnel • to practice cultural sensitivity and serve in harmony with the Global Mission of the ELCA’s accompaniment model (materials available on request). 12. Stipend recipients are required to substantially complete their program as proposed. They may, due to circumstances beyond their control, prepare a program proposal revision in consultation with the directors of the ELCA Wittenberg Center and the appropriate personnel at the EKD. Recipients may, upon failure to complete the program as proposed in the application, be required to reimburse the entire stipend, or a portion thereof, and/or their airfare allowance to the EKD. 13. Total stipends awarded over a three-year period will be divided equally with regard to gender. 14. In connection with the Reformation Decade (2008 — 2017), the ELCA Wittenberg Center intends, in some years, to award one of the two EKD Stipends in conjunction with an EKD-ELCA Professor-in-Residence Program in Wittenberg (more details on request).

EKD (Evangelical Church of Germany) Stipend Information For study in Germany — 2008 (administered in cooperation with the ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V.)

Stipend for study in Germany Available to ELCA Members

The Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) is offering two three-month stipends to ELCA members and full-time professors at ELCA0-related colleges and universities for study in Germany in 2008. Those who wish to apply should submit the 2008 application to the ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V. by September 15th, 2007.

The goal of the EKD in offering this stipend program is to strengthen ecumenical ties and to offer lay and rostered ELCA members the chance to enrich their own ministries and institutions through exposure to the resources of the German churches. Past stipend recipients have used this opportunity for dissertation research, pastoral and academic sabbatical projects and teaching, as well as various forms of immersion into the language, culture and religious life of Germany.

The EKD stipend includes airfare to and from Germany as well as a monthly stipend of approximately 960 euros to cover living expenses in Germany. A modest supplement is available when the scholar is accompanied by his or her spouse. The duration of the stipend is three months, and the exact dates may be chosen within the calendar year at the recipient’s discretion.

Interested individuals can contact the ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V. ( for the 2008 application materials.

ELCA WITTENBERG CENTER e.V. Application for Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) 2008 Stipend A. Program Information

Name of program proposal: ____________________________________________________

Dates of proposed program: ____________________________________________________

Brief description of program (50 words or less): ___________________________________

Please attach a 2- page, single-spaced, description of your program, its objectives, and an explanation of how this program will benefit your ministry, your institution or place of employment, and the church in the US, Germany or both (congregation, synod/regional expression, national church)

B. Personal Information Full name: __________________________________________________________________ Title: ______________________________________________________________________ Birth date: _____________________________ Birth place: __________________________ Country of Citizenship: _______________________________________________________ Permanent Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________

Temporary Mailing Address (if applicable):________________________________________

E-mail:_____________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________ FAX: ______________________________________________________________________ Passport Information Date: _________________________ Number: _______________________________ Issued by: _____________________ Expiration: _____________________________ C. Church Affiliation Information National Church Membership: __________________________________________________ Congregational Membership: __________________________________________________ Date of baptism: ______________________________________________ Ordination date (if applicable): ___________________________________ D. Institutional Information Institution affiliated with: ______________________________________________________ Position: ___________________________________________________________________ E. Work and Educational History Please attach a resume detailing your work and educational history; include academic and professional accomplishments. F. Language Proficiency Do you speak and understand German? _ What level of proficiency? ____________ __________________________________________________________________________ Do you read and write German? _____ What level of proficiency? ____________________

G. Travel Experience Have you traveled internationally? _____ to Europe? _ to Germany? ____
Describe briefly any relevant travel experiences: ___

H. Travel Plans

Will you have a spouse accompanying you on this program? _____ Will you have a child or children accompanying you on this program? _____ If yes, how many? _____ Will you have any special travel or accommodation needs during your program? _____ I. Medical Condition To the best of your knowledge, are you in good health? _____ If no, please give details? ______________________________________________________ Are you under treatment or observation for any illness or injury? ______ If yes, please give details? _____________________________________________________ J. Additional Comments concerning your program or application:

K. Bishop’s/President’s Endorsement

If applicant is not at ELCA member but is a full-time professor at an ELCA-affiliated college or university, the President shall sign.

L. Declaration

I declare that the answers given on this application and all attached documents are, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.

__________________________________ _________________________________ Applicant signature: Date:

Please return original documents to:

ELCA Wittenberg Center e.V.
Schlossplatz 1d
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

+49 3491 412 532 (FAX) +49 3491 412 531 (Telephone) e-mail:

Application Deadline: September 15, 2007.

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