Faculty Professional Travel Procedures

Monday, October 2, 2006 (Around 8 years ago)

Faculty Professional Travel The faculty travel fund supports faculty attendance at professional conferences. See the Faculty Book for eligibility and other detailed information. Application forms are available from the Faculty Development Resource Center and are available at the Faculty Development Website.

General Funds $500.00 per fiscal year is available to eligible faculty each year. Up to $500.00 may be carried over in any single year. If a trip crosses fiscal years (for example, it takes place May 29-June 6), the travel funds will be used from the year containing the majority of the travel days.

Supplemental Funds for Presenting Papers, Chairing Sessions, etc. Eligible faculty who are presenting scholarly papers, chairing sessions or presenting creative work at professional meetings may apply for up to $500 in additional funding, if needed. Funds allocated but not used will be returned to the Faculty Travel Fund for use by other faculty. Regular travel funds must be used first.

Please note that Faculty Professional Travel funds cannot be used to pay for students presenting at conferences. The Dean of Faculty’s Office now provides 20 student research grants each year to support research and/or presentation. For more information, contact Mark Braun, Associate Dean of the College (mbraun@gustavus.edu or x7368).

Honorariums/Stipends Expenses for faculty travel to attend professional conferences and/or performances and presentations will only be reimbursed to the maximum appropriate above the expenses covered by any honorarium or stipend received by the traveler. The amount of the honorarium should be subtracted from the total costs of the trip at the time of the request for reimbursement. For example, a faculty member agrees to be the keynote speaker at a conference and is paid $500. The trip costs a total of $1200. The maximum reimbursement is $700 ($500 regular funds and $200 in presentation funds.)

Supplemental Funds for Presenting at an International Conference Eligible faculty who are presenting scholarly papers or presenting creative work at professional meetings held outside of the U.S. may apply for up to $400 in additional funding to help with increased expenses (money changing, visa application, increased travel costs, etc.) if needed.

Funding will be provided from this fund only when the location of the presentation is germane to the paper topic or when a convincing case can be made that presenting at a particular international conference is critical for remaining actively engaged in one’s professional discipline. International Conference funds are supplemental to the regular professional funds available to faculty. Regular faculty travel funds must be used first. Funds allocated but not used will be returned to the International Travel Fund for use by other faculty. Applications should be submitted to the Faculty Development Resource Center when the proposal to present is submitted to the conference.

Faculty Travel Procedures

  1. Complete an Application for Faculty Travel Funds. The form is available on Faculty Development website or outside the Faculty Development Office, SSC 119.

  2. Send your application to the Faculty Development office. A copy will be returned to you indicating the amount of funding available to you. You must to retain a copy of this application.

  3. If Airfare will be needed, purchase the ticket using your Wells Fargo credit card. There is no longer a Faculty Travel account number to give to local travel agents.

If you need to raise your available credit on your Wells Fargo card, call Sandy Grochow or Anna Lokensgard (x7508) in the Finance Office for assistance. When your travel is completed you can have the limit lowered again.

  1. When you return from your trip, complete a Travel Expense Report Form. This form is available on the Faculty Development website or outside the faculty development office.

  2. If you used your Wells Fargo Card for all or part of travel expenses, indicate those charges in the “Wells Fargo Charge” column and/or “Expenses Paid by Traveler” columns. At the end of the month you will receive an online statement from Wells Fargo. Go to the Wells Fargo website and reconcile your account. To do this, you must check each expense, type in your department’s travel account number (your department secretary or department chair will give you this number), and make sure you have a receipt that corresponds to each item.

If you have charged more expenses on your Wells Fargo card than you have been approved for, you will need to write a personal check for those expenses (make the check payable to Gustavus).

Your department secretary will create an Interdepartmental Funds Transfer so that your expenses are ultimately paid from the Faculty Travel budget. Send the Travel Expense Report Form and the Interdepartmental Funds Transfer to the Faculty Development Office. Send all of your original receipts, your Application for Faculty Travel Funds, and, if applicable, a personal check to the Finance Office.

For those expense that could not be paid using your Wells Fargo card (e.g., taxi fare, tolls, mileage, parking, etc.), enter your expenses in the column labeled “Expenses Paid by Traveler,” submit the form and all original receipts directly to the Faculty Development Office. The Faculty Development Office will review your expenses and submit a Request for Payment form to the Finance Office and you will be reimbursed for these expenses (as long as they are within the budget allotted to you).

Please remember that the College cannot reimburse you for undocumented expenses.

  1. If you have questions about using your Wells Fargo card for Travel Courses contact the Finance Office. If you are responsible for making travel arrangements for job candidates, program reviewers, or reviewers in a third year review process contact Jean Heidcamp (x7541) in the Dean of Faculty Office.

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