Expectations & Opportunities

Piano Lab School


In order for Gustavus student teachers to learn how to teach, they must work with students who are practicing on a daily basis, 5–7 days a week. In general, assignments will take beginning students 20–30 minutes a day and intermediate students 40 minutes a day. Parents are strongly urged to practice with elementary aged students. Students who consistently do not practice will be asked to leave the program.

Success at the piano requires commitment from parents, students and teachers. What is required of each of these groups? Click here to access our Three-Way Commitment Piano Success Plan.

MMTA Program Opportunities

The teachers in the Lab School are required to enter students in the Minnesota Music Teachers Association programs. These programs help the GAC teachers learn about MMTA, give the teachers and students good feedback, and motivate students to practice more. These programs include piano and theory exams, contests, Music Bridges, and a duet festival. Your teacher will discuss with you which program is most appropriate for your child. The registration fees for these programs are the responsibility of the student’s family and range from $20 to $30.