Bjorling Music Festival

Selection Process

Directors and private teachers may nominate as many of their students as they feel deserve the honor for this festival. Students will be selected as based upon teacher comments, the nomination form, and instrumentation needs.

Please review your personal and family calendars to ensure that should you be selected for the BMF, you will have no scheduling conflicts. If you are selected as a member of BMF, additional information and your BMF music will be mailed to your director on or around October 15th. A full schedule will be posted here on/around October 15.


The participation fee is $35.00 per student. After being selected for the festival, the fee will be payable by check or online payment. The Monday breakfast and the dinners on Sunday and Monday are NOT included in the $35.00 fee – these are additional expenses.


Except for unusual circumstances, it is expected that BMF students will stay overnight on the Gustavus campus with Gustavus student hosts. Being on campus for the entire BMF event is central to an outstanding experience. All Gustavus students who are hosting BMF students are certified/trained in Title IX and have been instructed as to how to host visitors that are minors.

Special arrangements must be coordinated through the director of the festival (jpmgwo@gustavus.edu) NO LATER than October 20th. A list of area hotels is available by request. However, Gustavus Adolphus College will not assume responsibility for students staying off campus. Parents/guardians must sign a legal waiver to allow students to stay off campus.

If you are selected for the BMF, your director will register your name via the BMF Housing Link (provided to her/him). They will provide you with your housing information on or around October 15th. Please check with your director to ensure this process is underway.

College dorms are at full occupancy. This means that most high school students will be sleeping on the floor, or on a sofa/futon in a dorm room. Please remember to bring a pillow, sleeping bag and/or blanket, and anything else you need to sleep comfortably. Students should also pack:

  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Concert attire
  • Casual clothes for rehearsals
  • Pajamas/clothes for sleeping
  • Phone/charger/alarm
  • Instrument and music

Concert Attire

Large ensemble performances are formal events. We want the BMF to reflect the highest standards of professionalism. Please dress as you would for your own high school performances (i.e. concert black, formal dress up, or uniform). The mixed ensemble appearance will add to the audiences’ understanding of bringing students together from so many different programs. Please respect the following restrictions for performance attire:

  • Shoes must be formal and not athletic (no sandals or flip-flops)
  • Socks must be dark
  • No shorts or jeans
  • Men’s ties should be simple and plain, not heavily patterned or bright
  • Ladies’ skirts/dresses must be below the knee (slacks are acceptable as well)
  • Ladies’ tops must have a sleeve
  • Perfume and/or cologne is not permitted due to allergies and sensitivities