March images from:
Kiri deLaubenfels
Tyler Chorley, Jonathan Astry, Hannah Julien
Kiri deLaubenfels
La plaza de toros de Salamanca Un ejemplo de tapas típicas.
Tyler, Jon, Hannah
Jon y su caimán Jon y Tyler con una anaconda Tyler, Jon & Hannah in Monte Zerpa, near Mérida, Venezuela
La Casa de Tyler y Hannah Jon rappelling in Monte Zerpa Jon hanging from a vine in Monte Zerpa
Tyler and Jon under a waterfall
March videos:
Streetside protest in Venezuela This is a short little video of the
protests at the end of our street. The opposition to the goverment
is encouraging groups of 50 and 60 people to get out and protest
rather than one big group because it is harder for the military to
break them up. As you can see in the video they are burning tires
and blocking a lane of traffic.
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