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David Garfunkel, Ecuador
Sharon Jaffe, Chile
Kate Neely, Perú
Kendall Svobodny, España
Julie Severson, España
Marisa Mancini, España
Daniel Ryan, España
Amanda Cody, Chile
Jonathan Astry, Venezuela
Tyler Chorley, Venezuela
Hannah Julien, Venezuela

Nuestras Historias

Mis Actividades en Chile por Amanda Cody
I took advantage of that time and went on 2 trips. First I went with friends to the Lake District. We visited Spanish forts along the river, went water rafting, and climbed an active volcano. It took four hours to go up and only two to get down since we got to slide down on the snow on our butts using an ice axe to control our speed.

Mi tiempo en Chile por Amanda Cody
Esta experiencia ha sido la mejor de toda mi vida porque he visto tantos lugares, he conocido a muchas personas, y me es increíble pensar en todo lo que he hecho en tres meses.

Mi familia y casa en Barcelona por Stephanie Handahl
Since the Barcelona metropolitan area is so incredibly huge, it can take an hour or more to get into town on the metro if you live outside the city, so kids will often stay in their parents’ house and save money before they get married and are able to support themselves...something totally unheard of in the US.

La Familia por Kiri deLaubenfels
Las familias aquí son muy unidas: los miembros comen juntos durante las comidas y cenas y también pasan el rato juntos durante la noche. Uno o dos hijos es el número normal de hijos en una familia.

The Home por Kiri deLaubenfels
The table is more important than the couch, as meals are very important, and much leisure time is spent outside of the home.

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¡Hay algunas fotos enviadas por Catherine Rodman, reportera en La Habana, Cuba!
ARCHIVES: Feb March: 1 2 April
Streetside protest in Mérida, Venezuela por Hannah, Tyler y Jon
The opposition to the goverment is encouraging groups of 50 and 60 people to get out and protest rather than one big group because it is harder for the military to break them up. As you can see in the video they are burning tires and blocking a lane of traffic.
Semana Santa in Sevilla, Spain Las procesiones de semana santa. Holy week processions.
La familia de Coromoto Segovia
Here is the family narration from our mom, Coromoto Segovia. She talks about her three children, their families and her sister who lives next door.

Hosting American Students.
Coromoto talking about having students from the U.S. live in her home.

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