Learning Goals and Outcomes


  1. To provide our students with a well-round education that will help them achieve their personal career goals.
  2. To help students to become translingually and transculturally competent.


  1. Students will demonstrate a transcultural awareness of the relationship between the products, practices and perspectives of the target culture.
  2. Students will be able to apply the following modes of communication: presentational (speaking and writing), interpretative (reading, listening and viewing) and interpersonal.
  3. Students will achieve intermediate-high level of proficiency according to ACTFL guidelines or equivalent communicative competence.
  4. Students will identify similarities and differences between Spanish-speaking communities at home and abroad.
  5. Students will engage with Hispanic community members at home or abroad through volunteer work, community-based work, language exchanges (personally or cybernetically), interships, etc.
  6. Student will make logical connections across disciplines.