Greek Language and
Culture Study

Liberal Arts Perspective (LAP) Curriculum

In Fall 2021, I will be a junior or senior at Gustavus and have previous experience in Greek.

To meet minimum graduation requirements, students in the Liberal Arts Perspective Curriculum will complete at least two sequential courses of a non-English language at the college level. You may choose to continue language study beyond the minimum graduation requirements. 

Please note the following for your study of Greek at Gustavus:

  • Students who have never taken any Greek courses should begin with Greek 101 in the Fall or Greek 100 during January term.
  • Students who have taken some high school Greek courses must take a placement exam in order to be placed in the right course. Contact the department chair to make an appointment.
  • For questions regarding Greek courses that can count for college credit, including PSEO courses in Greek or transfer courses from another college or university, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Please contact professor Matt Panciera or the department chair with any additional questions.