French I - FRE-101-001 - Paschal Kyoore

French I - FRE-101-002 - Laurent Dechery

French II - FRE-102-001/002 - Anne-Marie Gronhovd

A sequential two-semester program designed for students who have no previous knowledge of the language, will enable them to acquire basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in French. Elementary French patterns are based on culturally oriented materials.



Interm French II - FRE-202-001 - Anne-Marie Gronhovd

This sequential two-semester program is intended for students who have completed the study of begenning level French language. These courses continue to develop reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking skills. Emphasis is placed on using the language. Even the reading assignments and the grammar review serve to help the student to learn to communicate in French.

Composition and Conversation - FRE-252-001 - Paschal Kyoore

Theses courses are designed to give students the opportunity to further develop their skills in listenning, speaking, reading and writing French. The first semester, the focus is on intensive practice in writing, and grammatical and compositionnal principles are reviewed. Students work towards coherent discourse, vocabulary build-up and refinement of style by the process of writing weekly compositions. The second semester, active writing practice continues, but the course focus is on intensive practice in speaking. Guided discussions, readingsm and viewing of French television broadcasts help students to think in French and to express their thoughts clearly, analytically and creatively.



Francophone cultures - FRE-366-001 - Laurent Dechery

This course will focus on one or several themes related to France and/or some francophone country. Subjects of focus will include issues such as poiltical, social, and economic institutions in France and/or a francophone country (e.g Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, African countries), immigration in France, France's role in the European Union, the relationship between France and francophone countries (francophonie). Students will discuss, research topics to write on, and do oral presentations.