Chinese Placement Exam

Gustavus does not currently offer Chinese but hopes to do so in the future.

Welcome to Chinese at Gustavus. If you have studied Chinese in high school and plan to continue at Gustavus, please read the instructions below.

You should plan to take a two-part placement exam:

Part One takes place at home. You will take an on-line computer test designed to produce a general assessment of your current proficiency. This test is based on your ability to read and interpret statements and short paragraphs in Chinese.

Part Two will take place once you arrive on campus in the Fall. Contact the Chinese Instructor via email as soon as you arrive on campus to set up a time to take a writing and speaking assessment.

Overview of the On-line Chinese Placement Exam

This exam can be somewhat disorienting at the start. It will NOT begin with easy questions that gradually become more difficult. It will mix up easy and hard questions. As you progress through the test, you will notice that the types of questions become less variable and more consistent.

Another challenge is that the exam contains questions in both simplified and complex characters. Most students have studied either one or the other and the exam has compensated for this factor. Do the best you can.

Please keep in mind that this exam is only one indicator of your proficiency level. You will also have the in-person written and speaking tests when you arrive on campus.

Please keep the following in mind as you prepare to take the On-line Chinese Proficiency Exam:

  • The language placement test can only be taken ONCE for the same language.
  • You must do the exam by yourself and must not use a dictionary, a friend, or any other form of help.
  • You may complete the exam from any computer that has Internet access.
  • Plan well so you are able to complete it without interruptions. You may not log out and return at a later time to finish.
  • You will not know all the answers since the exam covers all language levels. Simply answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  • It will be scored immediately and will let you know what course to register for.
    Contact Jenny Tollefson if you experience technical difficulties and are unable to complete the exam. She can also answer questions about computer access, the exam, and exam results.
  • The placement exam is only for placing/entering into language courses. If you are looking into testing out, please refer to the Equivalency Exam page.

Take the Chinese Placement Exam -- Follow These Instructions

  1. Open your web browser and set your location to or click on this link:
  2. Type in the password: gusties1 (number one)
  3. Follow the instructions (identify yourself with your full legal name and ID number)
  4. Click FINISH after you have completed the exam.
  5. Send a copy of the results to your email and archive it in a save folder for reference during your college career.