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Welcome to the Chinese Section (欢迎来访中文部)!

The goal and focus of the Chinese Section of the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department at Gustavus is to prepare students for becoming world citizens in the current inter-connected world. We offer not only Chinese/Mandarin language courses but also a January term course focused on Chinese cultures, ancient civilization and Chinese heritages. The essence of learning Chinese/Mandarin language is to arouse learners’ curiosity of exploring a plethora of cultures including Chinese cultures. We believe that there is no “good” or “bad” culture but only cultural differences.

Mandarin Language Conversation Partner Program

All our Mandarin language learners have the option of being paired up with a native Mandarin speaking conversation partner either via Skype or with another Gustie from China or Taiwan! The purpose of this Conversation Partner Program is to allow Mandarin language learners to hang out with native Chinese speakers in order to better understand Chinese people and their cultures. If you are interested in seeking a Chinese/Mandarin language conversation partner or wanting to become a Mandarin conversation partner, please contact Dr. Nan Li at:

What's New...

Global China Connection(GCC)

Around 2 years ago, by Xi Wang

Global China Connection (GCC) is one of the biggest student-run non-profit organizations that helps develop relationships among young people mainly from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other international communities. GCC now has over sixty branches in the universities and colleges in the United States. It creates opportunities for Chinese students and […]

Chinese Skype Exchange a Success

Around 5 years ago, by Jeremy Robinson

This morning Lance Erickson and Keenan Madson, two students currently taking Chinese 102, participated in a test Skype language exchange with two individuals in Taiwan in the field of international trade. In the future, the Culpeper Language Learning Center hopes to create more opportunities such as this one, integrating them into current courses when possible. […]



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