Copying and Re-distribution Permissions

The copyright holder of the work referring to this policy hereby makes a non-exclusive grant without fee of the following permissions to all comers ("you"):
  1. You may copy the work either in electronic or in hardcopy form, provided the copy is of the entire work without modification. In particular, the copy must include the copyright notice and the location of this permissions and policies notice and of the definitive copy.
  2. You may transfer a copy made pursuant to part 1 to any other person, so long as you do not receive any payment in excess of costs for doing so.
  3. You may also copy any portion of the work, or make any modified form of the work, so long as you do not transfer the copy or modified form to anyone else.

Definitive Copy Policy

The copyright holder will try to maintain a definitive copy of the work at the location specified in each copy. Any updates, corrections, additions, or the like will be added to the definitive copy in such a way that they can be distinguished from the original contents of the work, which will be left intact. Whenever any such addition is made, the revision number included in the definitive copy will be increased.

Encouragement of Copying

If you want to include this work in a web site you maintain, please consider making and posting your own copy, pursuant to the permissions above, rather than simply posting a link to the the definitive copy. Although this runs the risk of your copy becoming out of date, that is not a major disadvantage, because it will still contain a link to the definitive copy, which anyone can follow who wants the latest updates. The advantage, which leads me to encourage copying, is that this will lead to greater robustness. Disasters happen, which could wipe out my server and its backup tapes.

For Further Information

Please address any question or request for additional permission to Max Hailperin at Please indicate the work you are inquiring about.