Homework Policy for MCS-388: Compiler Design (Spring 2001)

Initial hand-in

Each homework must be turned in the first time by the due date shown on the syllabus, except in case of illness. However, you may also turn in the assignment early, in order to get earlier feedback and more time for rewriting. This might be particularly important for Homework 6, as mentioned under that heading below.

If you only attempt some of the problems in your initial hand-in, only those problems may be rewritten in later submissions. You may not add any new problems.

For this initial hand-in, I will only mark whether each problem was done correctly, or needs improvement. I may provide some slight additional information, such as which part of a multi-part problem needs attention. If you don't understand what is wrong, please consider this an invitation to come see me.

Since you do not receive a grade on this initial hand-in, you must hand the homework back for grading, or you will lose that fraction of your course grade. See below regarding the second hand-in.

Second hand-in

Each homework should be returned to me within one week after I hand the first version back. Return the original, and attach to it any rewritten solutions you want me to consider in the grading.

This time, I will give you a numerical grade, on a 100 point scale. This will be figured into your course grade, unless you choose to do further rewrites, under the rules in the next section.

I will again not be giving you any comments on how the solution could be improved. If you don't understand why the grade is as much less than 100 as it is, again, please treat this as an invitation to come talk.

Subsequent hand-ins

If your grade on a homework is substantially less than 100, you might want to do further rewrite cycles. However, you will no longer get full credit. I will deduct 20 points from your score. Thus this option is only worthwhile if your grade is significantly lower than 80. (However, your grade will in no case be lower than the original.)

Homework 6

Because homework 6 is due near the end of the semester, I don't promise you will have the opportunity for even one rewrite cycle, if you turn in this assignment on its due date: you may be stuck with a numerical grade on your initial hand-in. However, I will try to give you a rewrite opportunity, and your chances of this are better if you turn in your initial version before the due date.

Last chance

All submissions must be in by the end of the last day of classes. I may issue an earlier "last call" for individual problems that I think it particularly important for us to discuss in class, but will give at least a week's notice if so.

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Instructor: Max Hailperin <max@gac.edu>