MCS-287 Lab Project 3: Parameter Passing (Spring 2000)

Due: April 17, 2000

The crux of this lab is to compare interpreters for four different variants of a programming language, which differ in how parameters are passed (and how arrays are stored), as described in chapter six. However, before you can make these four variant interpreters, you will need to have a basic interpreter to build the variations on. This is what chapter 5 accomplishes, and will be the initial focus of your work. Thus you can and should get started long before we get to chapter 6 in class. All the exercises drawn from chapter 5 should be done by April 7th.

Your project report should reflect your final product, rather than focusing on each incremental step along the way. Your project report should explain your comparison of parameter passing variations, and the functionality of your interpreter procedures that allows you to make these comparisons. Don't go into the details in English: your audience can read Scheme. You may assume your audience is familiar with the EOPL book and the supplemental notes that are on our course web page.

Instructor: Max Hailperin