MCS-287 Chapter 1 Homework (Spring 2000)

Note that EOPL's authors have marked some exercises with solid bullets (black dots) rather than hollow bullets (circles with white centers). As they say in the preface, they "regard [these] exercises as fundamental to mastery of the material ... and encourage readers to attempt them all." The list of specific exercises below should not be taken as contrary to that encouragement: these are simply the ones you are to turn in to me. The others you can privately do, asking for feedback only if you want it.

  1. Do exercise 1.2.1 on page 15.
  2. Do exercise 1.3.1 on page 25, except that when you try the expression out on the computer (after having figured it out mentally), you should use the following superficial variant:
    ((lambda (x)
       (list x (list 'quote x)))
     '(lambda (x)
        (list x (list 'quote x))))
  3. Do exercise 1.3.4 on page 28.

Instructor: Max Hailperin