MC48 Homework 5 (Fall 1998)

Due: October 30, 1998

  1. Do the portion of exercise 5.10 on page 428 that you didn't do for the prior homework. (The exercise says "consider both datapaths." By "both" they mean the single-cycle datapath from section 5.3 and the multicycle one from section 5.4. For the previous homework, you should have dealt with the single-cycle one from section 5.3. This time, do the multi-cycle one.)
  2. Do exercise 5.15 on page 429.
  3. Do exercise 5.16 on page 429. (Clarification: Rather than just adding one or more microinstructions to the end of figure 5.46 (p. 408) that use the options listed in figure 5.45 (p. 403), you are being explicitly allowed to also add options to figure 5.45, and then use those new options in your addition to figure 5.46. However, if you do add additional options in figure 5.45, you are to explain what the new options do by indicating how they will cause the control outputs to be set.)
  4. Do exercise 5.19 on page 429. (Clarification: you aren't to change the datapath, but rather only the finite state machine.)

Instructor: Max Hailperin