Max Hailperin's FT01 Research Presentation (Fall 1998)

As described in earlier handouts, you are to give a 20-minute oral presentation of the same research area as you are writing a paper about.

Evaluation guidelines

Please revise your presentation plans (and practice your presentation) until you are convinced that the answer to each of the following questions is "yes." Most of these questions come from your own comments on the Nobel Conference lectures. When I grade your presentation, I will again use these questions, both to give you feedback and to come up with your letter grade. Specifically, I will start with an A and take off one grade "notch" (e.g., from A to A-, or from A- to B+) for each question where the answer is "no".
  1. Do you use humor appropriately?
  2. Do you use visual aids that are readable?
  3. Do you comment on visual aids, rather than read them?
  4. Do you state your main points at the beginning?
  5. Do you highlight key points as you deliver them?
  6. Do you summarize your key points at the end?
  7. Does your presentation come to a graceful conclusion?
  8. Does your presentation have discernible structure (rather than being a strung together succession of remarks)?
  9. Do you change your vocal inflection?
  10. Does your presentation approximately fit the given time period?
  11. Is your topic relevant to the course?
  12. Have you chosen a realistic breadth of scope?
  13. Are your expectations regarding audience background realistic?