Interstate or International Comparison Assignment (FTS-100-131, Fall 2012)

Due by email October 25th; revised version due by email November 13th

Important note: This assignment requires you to do considerably more work in tracking down appropriate sources than previous assignments did. You would be very wise to consult a librarian. I'm also glad to help out.

Minnesota has served as my primary source of examples, although we have also been reading about other states. In this assignment, you will compare one aspect of Minnesota's election system with that of another state or nation. You will choose any one topic from the following list:

You will be graded for your adherence to the following standards:

I am not specifying how long your essay should be. It should be long enough to achieve the stated goals, and it should not include needless words. For most of these topics, I suspect you will write a handful of paragraphs extending over a page or two.