Extra-Credit Guidelines for MCS-375: Algorithms (Fall 2011)

You may earn up to 15 extra points for the algorithms course by creating something related to the course topic that impresses me.

You have complete flexibility regarding the nature of your creation. It could be a document, a program, a video, or anything else. Ordinarily, I will expect it to have some tangible form that you can deliver to me for me to review at my convenience. However, if you would prefer to do some sort of live performance, we can probably arrange a time and place for that.

You have complete flexibility regarding the specific algorithmic topic or topics your creation relates to. You could do something new with one or more of the topics we cover, or you could pick some other algorithmic topic we don't cover, such as one of the textbook chapters not on the syllabus.

You have complete flexibility regarding how your creation relates to your chosen algorithmic topic or topics. For example, you could produce an application, analysis, explanation, or comparison.

If you want to do an extra-credit project, you are welcome to consult with me at any stage, from getting my reaction to a potential topic all the way through asking me to review a draft of the final product.

To be considered for credit, any project must be delivered to me by 5:00 PM on December 14.

To earn the maximum of 15 points, a project must be truly impressive, the kind of thing that makes me say "wow" and rush to tell all my friends.

A project can earn 10 to 14 points if it falls short of the "wow" standard, but

The degree to which a project displays these qualities will determine where it falls within the 10-14 point range. Projects that do not seem to meet these standards will earn lesser number of points at my discretion. I understand that these grading standards are highly subjective. I hope you will too. That is rather inherent in giving you such a flexible opportunity.