Max Hailperin's FTS Presentation Guidelines (Fall 2006)

Please work on your presentation until you are convinced that the answer to each of the following questions is "yes." I urge you to ask a peer to give you feedback as well on whether he or she agrees that all the answers are "yes." When you give your presentation to the class, your classmates will use these questions to identify areas of strength and weakness. Also, you and I will use these questions in our debriefing session after the presentation to go over how you did and to assign a grade.

  1. Does the presenter speak at an appropriate tempo?
  2. Does the presentation seem complete and reach closure?
  3. Is the presentation phrased in simple language well matched to the audience?
  4. Does the presenter's voice vary in tone?
  5. Does the presenter operate visual aids confidently and at a tempo matched to the presentation?
  6. Does the presentation incorporate specific evidence such as data?
  7. Does the presenter explain the format of data so as to be sure it is understood?
  8. Is the presentation organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion?
  9. Does the presenter speak fluently and naturally?
  10. Does the presenter outline the presentation and announce its major sections?
  11. Does the presenter foreshadow topics that will be treated later?
  12. Does the presenter move within a natural range and spread attention around the audience?
  13. Does the presenter speak about the topic, rather than the visual aids, and in particular avoid reading them?
  14. Are the visual aids simple, clear, and appropriate to the audience?
  15. Does the presenter enunciate clearly?
  16. Does the presenter connect with the audience, including gaining their attention at the beginning and maintaining eye contact?
  17. Is any humor appropriate?
  18. Does the presenter stand in a comfortable but focused stance?
  19. Does the presenter project his or her voice?

Technical note

If you intend to use computer projection, you can improve the chances that the presentation will go smoothly by contacting me in advance.