Max Hailperin's FTS Presentation Guidelines (Fall 2004)

Please work on your presentation until you are convinced that the answer to each of the following questions is "yes." I urge you to ask a peer to give you feedback as well on whether he or she agrees that all the answers are "yes." When you give your presentation to the class, your classmates will use these questions to identify areas of strength and weakness. Also, you and I will use these questions in our debriefing session after the presentation to go over how you did, and to assign a grade.

  1. Is the presenter's voice strong and varied?
  2. Does the presenter seem interested in the topic and excited by it?
  3. Does the presenter speak clearly?
  4. Does the presenter look up while talking?
  5. Does the presenter avoid "umm" and other filler noises?
  6. Is the presentation matched to the audience, for example in vocabulary?
  7. Is the presentation sufficiently organized to not jump back and forth?
  8. Does the presentation approximately fit the expected time?
  9. Is humor used only appropriately, if at all?
  10. Does the presentation come to a graceful conclusion?
  11. If the presentation includes visual aids, does the presenter build off of them rather than reading them?
  12. If the presentation includes visual aids, are they readable?

Technical note

If you intend to use computer projection, please contact me in advance, to coordinate access to our computer projection cart. The only media service we have in the room without prior arrangement is an overhead transparency projector.