MC48 Homework 6 (Fall 1996)

Due: November 11, 1996

  1. Do exercise 6.1 on page 500. However, use figure 6.25 on page 440 rather than figure 6.12 on page 426. You can also ignore the ``as explained on page 453'' and just use a descriptive label for the values.
  2. Do exercise 6.2 on page 500.
  3. Do exercise 6.3 from page 500. You may want to ignore the book's hint. Also, when a control line has a multi-bit horizontal label on it, such as the 10 on the top line coming out of the control oval, the way to interpret it is that the leftmost bit will become the top bit once it is rotated to the vertical position. For example, that 10 will become a 1 on top and a 0 on bottom when it reaches the MEM/WB register, so the 1 goes to RegWrite and the 0 to MemtoReg. Finally, you may assume that the designer of the control circuit chose to use 0 for any X (don't care) control outputs.

Instructor: Max Hailperin